Concrete Plant

Concrete batching plant is a set of machines designed to supply concrete to areas where ready-mixed concrete is needed such as the construction sector and the building sector. Ready-mixed concrete has a very important function for many sectors in terms of being the basic material of construction and structures.

The concrete plant produces ready-mixed concrete by combining materials such as sand, gravel, cement and water in certain proportions and passing through certain processes. For this process, many machines and equipment with different tasks need to work together in a synchronized way.

Types of Concrete Plants

Concrete plants are large facilities where ready-mixed concrete production required by the construction market takes place. In these facilities, ready-mixed concrete is produced by combining aggregate, cement and water obtained with the help of crushing plants in certain proportions. The concrete plant can be installed in the project area where the building is located, or it can be produced in a different place and transported to the project area. Therefore, there are different types of concrete batching plants for different needs of companies.

Concrete batching plants produced today are designed in 3 different structures. These;

  • Stationary concrete plant
  • Mobile concrete batching plant
  • Compact concrete plant

Each type of concrete batching plant, each designed to meet a different need, has its own characteristics.

Mobile Concrete Plant

Mobile concrete plant is a type of mobile concrete plant designed to make the concrete plant move more easily in case of need. Mobile concrete plants are built on a mobile body that can be easily transported from one place to another. Thus, the transportation costs of the companies are minimized at the end of the project or at the project site change. In addition to the ease of transportation, mobile concrete plants, which can be disassembled and assembled more easily than other concrete plants, provide convenience to companies in terms of use.

Mobile concrete plants are generally preferred for smaller and medium-sized projects. Because; Since they are built on a mobile chassis, they are not designed in a structure as large as stationary concrete plants. Therefore, it offers ideal solutions for small-scale projects and short-term projects with changing work areas.

Mobile Concrete Plant Advantages

Mobile concrete batching plants have a structure that can be easily installed and transported easily. Because of these features, it provides important advantages to user companies.

The advantages offered by mobile concrete batching plants are as follows;

  • It can be easily transported by sea or road and can be easily made operational
  • Can work in smaller spaces
  • It has easy assembly and disassembly
  • It reduces the shipping costs of the companies
  • It has a low investment cost
  • Offers flexible solutions to problems that may occur in the project area.
  • Mobile concrete batching plants can be easily maintained
  • Does not require any licensing or permissions

Stationary Concrete Plant

Stationary concrete batching plant is the oldest type of concrete batching plant used in the market. As the name suggests, they are very powerful facilities with high production capacity installed on the site where production is planned. Stationary concrete batching plants, designed to produce high performance ready-mixed concrete in the same area for many years, can be produced in different capacities and models.

Stationary concrete plants, which can produce an average of 30 to 200 m3 of concrete per hour, are generally preferred for large-scale projects that require high performance. It is the type of concrete batching plant with the highest efficiency and production capacity compared to other concrete batching plants.

Stationary Concrete Plant Advantages

The reason why concrete plants are designed in different structures is that companies that need ready-mixed concrete realize different project models in different geographies. In this context, stationary concrete batching plants provide important advantages in projects that require high performance.


  • Stationary concrete plants meet the needs of companies producing commercial concrete.
  • Fixed veton power plants are resistant to environmental conditions as they are fixed to the project area.
  • It can operate at high performance for many years
  • Stationary concrete plants are more advantageous in terms of production capacity.
  • If concrete production will not be made in different project sites, stationary concrete batching plants should be preferred.
  • If needed, the capacity of machinery and equipment can be increased.

Compact Concrete Plant

Compact concrete plant combines materials such as sand gravel, crushed stone, cement and water in certain proportions and mixes them; Thus, it is a type of concrete facility with compact structure that enables concrete to be obtained. Compact concrete batching plants are among the types of concrete batching plants designed according to the needs of the companies. These plants are designed as a combination of mobile concrete plant and stationary concrete plant. It has a structure that combines the easy installation and easy transportation of mobile concrete batching plants with the high performance of stationary concrete batching plants. In this respect, it provides different advantages to companies.

Compact concrete batching plants have a functional structure. The concrete batching plant type, which is preferred in both medium-sized projects and large-scale projects, thanks to its high performance and compact structure, has very useful features.

Compact Concrete Plant Advantages

Compact concrete batching plants are multi-functional concrete batching plants that combine the advantages of both mobile and stationary concrete batching plants. These power plants, which can be easily transported and ready for production in a short time, offer important advantages to companies in terms of both cost and efficiency. These:

  • Decreases the logistics cost of companies
  • During the transportation of the produced concrete, it prevents possible delays and saves time.
  • Gives successful results in many different projects
  • Reduces installation, disassembly and maintenance costs of companies
  • It helps to significantly reduce operating and transportation costs and increase profitability.

FABO Concrete Batching Plants

FABO Global is one of the leading brands in the industry in terms of ready-mixed concrete plants required for concrete production. FABO products are products that are used safely by companies in different geographies in different continents of the world today. Crushing plants designed entirely by FABO engineers are also offered for sale with the assurance of FABO Global.

FABO Global concrete batching plants are designed to be used in the most challenging geographies and in the most challenging projects for many years. FABO Global, which offers rational solutions for concrete plants and crusher plants to the companies it works with, has built its 3rd factory in a closed area of 12.000m² closed 10.000m² in İzmir Yazıbaşı Industrial Zone and a closed area of 18.000m² closed and 15.000m² in İzmir Torbalı Industrial Zone. production of the power plant and crushing plant continues.

Advantages of FABO Stationary Concrete Batching Plants

Producing concrete batching plants at world standards, FABO Global products aim to add value to the companies they work with, with their durable structures that can be used for many years and with the confidence of the corporate structure. For this reason, it handles every project it carries out meticulously and always aims to do better with years of experience.

The advantages of FABO Global concrete batching plants are as follows;

  • High capacity and low cost
  • To be able to produce concrete at world standards
  • Long-term use with its durable structure and quality material
  • Ease of support for assembly, disassembly and maintenance
  • Computer-aided easy to use
  • Spare parts supply and technical service facility
  • Concrete production for needs with different mixer options
  • Products conforming to CE standards

Concrete Plant Products

Power Mix Series Stationary Concrete Batching Plant Technical Specifications

PRODUCTION CAPACITY 200 m3/h – 60 m3/h AGGREGATE BUNKER 4 x 45 m3 – 4 x 12 m3
MIXER CAPACITY 6.3 m3 – 1.0 m3 MIXER TYPE Twin Shaft –  Pan/Single
CEMENT WEIGHTING 2500 KG – 600 kg WATER WEIGHTING 1500 kg – 250 kg

* The table contains the product information with the Highest and the Lowest values.

Turbo Mix Series Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Technical Specifications

PRODUCTION CAPACITY 150 m3/h – 60 m3/h AGGREGATE BUNKER 4 x 30 m3 – 4 x 10 m3
AGGREGATE WEIGHING 8800 kg – 2500 kg CEMENT WEIGHTING 2000 kg – 500 kg
WATER WEIGHTING 1300 kg – 200 kg ADDITIVE WEIGHTING 2×50 L – 1×30 L

* The table contains the product information with the Highest and the Lowest values.

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