Stone Crushing and Screening Plant for Sale

Granite, limestone, basalt and many other materials extracted from the quarries; It is used as a raw material in the industry and construction sector. These substances will be ready to use after some process. These processes, that carried out in stone crushing and screening plants, allow efficient production of the products.

In the stone crushing and screening plants, different types of equipment are used by companies depending on their sector and type of material to be used. Feeder, conveyor belts, crushers and screens are generally used machines in plants. The materials extracted from the quarries are brought to the stone crushing plants and placed in the feeder hoppers. Feeder hoppers are used to transfer material to crushers. Feeder selection is made depending on the size of the materials, their dryness or moisture. There are many kinds of vibrating feeder and grating feeder. The materials transferred to the crushers are broken here and brought to the desired size. Material is reduced by crushing, compressing or impact.

The transportation of the materials in the facility is done by conveyor belts. The reduced materials are put into screening machines to be classified according to their size.