With the development of technology, equipment used in all sectors can be produced in a much more convenient and high-quality way. All kinds of equipment, which provide convenience for the heavy-duty sectors, reduce the manpower slightly and enable the products to be produced quickly and with high quality. Stone crushing and screening plants are especially used in the construction sector and provide great advantages in terms of the efficiency of operations. These facilities enable the raw materials used in the construction sector to be ready for use. The materials extracted from the quarries must be separated into small pieces in order to be used. In the crushing and screening plants, materials are produced with the desired properties, thanks to the equipment each operating for different processes. The materials brought from the quarries are brought to the facility and put into hoppers called feeders. The feature of the feeder is to ensure the continuity of material flow to the crusher machines. The material transferred to the crusher machines is crushed into different pieces depending on the characteristics of the crusher. Small pieces are conveyed by conveyor belts and transferred to the screen machine. The objective is to separate materials of different sizes. After this process, the product is ready to use. In some crushing and screening plants, depending on the needs of the material, for example, to remove the dust, sludge, and dirt, washing machines are available. In addition, special storage equipment is included in the facility considering the storage systems in the enterprises where production should be very high. In line with the needs of the enterprises, the facilities to be established specifically to the enterprise; can be built up as mobile or fixed.


New Generation Stone Crushing and Screening Machine

The stone crushing and screening plant give the enterprises a great advantage in terms of cost. Performing all operations in a single facility not only reduces transportation costs but also reduces the need for manpower thanks to the automated operation of the facilities with a computer automation system. As the need for crushing and screening plants is increasing day by day, the companies are working to produce quality facilities from each other. The facilities, which are produced by using all the possibilities of the technology, is produced not only to meet the demands coming from the domestic market but also from abroad. Manufacture companies make the project for the installation of the plant, determine which plant can be the most suitable plant, provides the installation of the most useful facility at the lowest price.


Stone Crushing and Screening Plant for Sale