Things to consider when choosing a crusher

The choice of crusher used for stone crushing should be done correctly in order to obtain the highest yields by paying high amounts.

How to choose a crusher?

Crusher machines are used in various sectors. This machine is often used in different businesses and in different sectors. The change of the sector means that the area that the machine will be used also will change. Therefore, the selection should be made considering the needs for each sector. Crushing and screening process is done in the Crushing Plant. However, this work consists of several stages and depending on the needs of various sizes of stones that are obtained.

High performance is required in some constructions, while average performance will be sufficient in others. Therefore, the most important factor is where the crusher will have to be used. If you come to our company and indicate that you want to buy a crusher, you will be asked for information about the area where the machine will be used. Our experts will evaluate the information you provide and indicate what capacity of a crusher is required and, in this way, you will avoid unnecessary costs by giving you the most suitable option.

The potential of the Crusher?

The most important issue when buying a crusher is the potential of the crusher. Crusher types are classified according to product production capacity in 1 hour. There are 3 types of crushers: 90 TPH, 110 TPH and 140 TPH. The lowest capacity crusher has the potential of breaking 100 tons of rock per hour. The highest capacity crusher can break 1000 tons of rock per hour. In areas such as mining sites, the highest capacity machines should be preferred. Low capacity will be sufficient for temporary constructions. While mobile crushers are generally preferred with lower capacity, fixed crushers are preferred with higher capacities. Mobile crusher is a more preferred product due to its high usage area. The stationary crusher is a more equipped facility for heavier jobs.

Company Interest

One of the most important issues when buying a crusher is to prefer right company. Because this shopping is not just about selling. After-sales support is very important in this sector. Preparations will be completed with the company interviewed before the purchase. The installation is made by the company at the place where preparation is made on the planned day and time. After installation, the use of the plant is explained. The company will also deal with any problems that may arise during use. The company will be contacted in all matters such as repairs to be made under warranty and supply of spare parts.

Fixed crusher installation is a bit more complicated. Mobile crushers can be installed even in one day. However, it is necessary to set the space for the stationary crusher and to form the infrastructure by pouring concrete. Engineers are involved in all these processes. We work with the best engineers to provide perfect service. You can be sure that you make the right decision by working with our company while making the selection of crusher.

For all these reasons, seller company is very important. It is essential that seller company provides continuous communication because you will always be in touch. You can find all of this with our company.


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