The vibrating screens, which is in the crushing and screening plants, provide parts to be separated according to their size after crushing. Although there are many types of screens in terms of usage, vibrating screens are the most preferred today. The material transferred to the feeder is accelerated as soon as it touches the surface of the screen and all material is distributed homogeneously in the middle of the screen. While the smallest parts are screened and passed to the bottom, the larger parts are moved more slowly and screened. Vibrating screens can be produced horizontally and inclined. Horizontal screens operate linearly, while inclined screens move circularly at an angle of about 20 degrees. Thanks to the vibration systems, vibrating screens are capable of operating at high speeds. vibration capacities are designed to be adjustable. The screens, that is on trunk, steel main body are produced for long years. The screens with steel main body are produced for long years use. Installation and maintenance of the vibrating screens is very simple, thanks to the ladder system next to them can be done easily. Screens that can be produced in any size can also have multi-layer shelf system depending on the characteristics of the product to be screened. The distance between the shelves is designed to allow the exchange of intermediate materials. Sieves, like the machines in the whole crushing and screening plant, are produced for mobile or fixed use. Mobile screens are particularly convenient for use in narrow and uneven areas. Vibrating screen, which is a very important machine for crushing and screening plants, must be selected in accordance with the product to be used. It should be preferred depending on the moisture content of the product and the washing condition.


Vibrating Screen Systems

The companies producing crushing and screening plant will support you in choosing the most suitable vibrating screen during the project design for the plant. You can also get technical support from the manufacturer in case of any maintenance or failure. Along with the technology, screen production is developing day by day and screens are produced from each other in the direction of increasing quality and efficiency. Each innovation, as well as contributing to the country’s economy, contributes to the development of many sectors.


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