Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant

The mobile crushing and screening plant converts the raw material obtained from the quarries and mines into usable aggregates. However, all kinds of the machine are not produced compatible with any environment. In addition, needs vary depending on the project to be made. So, what kind of machine used should be carefully chosen.

Selecting the right mobile crushing and screening plant is significant to prevent time and money losses. In line with the project, all the details should be examined meticulously, the needs should be identified and it is decided that what type of machine would be more advantageous. In this article, we will give some tips to ease your choice between mobile crushers and stationary crushers.

Considerations When Choosing Mobile Crushing And Screening Plant

When choosing mobile crushing and screening plant , the first thing to consider is whether the project is more suitable for mobile crushing plant or conventional crushing plant. Cost analysis should also be carried out so that you can be prepared for situations that may occur later.

When purchasing industrial machinery, a comparison of the purchase and the life cycle cost should always be made. It should be remembered that some products are more affordable in purchasing but more costly in the future. If the mobile crushing plant is well protected and regularly maintained, it can be used efficiently for 1.800.000 minutes and even this period can be extended. This makes it an ideal product both in terms of purchase cost and life cycle cost.


Advantages of Mobile Crushing Machine

  • It can produce products to cover the purchase cost in a very short time and you even make a profit.
  • Diesel power is required for both stationary crushers and mobile crushers. Stationary machines must have 4 or 5 engines powered by diesel power. Mobile stone crushing and screening plants operate with electricity from a diesel engine. This reduces maintenance costs and saves time. It will be sufficient to check the oil and filter of the engine at a certain frequency.
  • With the development of technology, the installation times of stationary crushers are much shorter than before. However, it is not possible to use the same machine for more than one project. Mobile crushing machine can be easily moved to other project areas due to its easy logistics. In this way, it both reduces cost and increases efficiency.

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Mobile Crushing Plant Prices

FABO has a wide range of products that can meet all kinds of needs and some of them are as follows:

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