Concrete Batch Plant For Sale

For the solutions of concrete batch plant for sale, FABO Machinery is the number one choice with its nearly 20 years of experience and reliable position in the industry! FABO is a valuable construction brand in the World with its long-lasting and durable products! It produces advanced engineering products, world-class concrete batches and equipment. FABO concrete batch plant for sale offers sustainable solutions for all kinds of projects in terms of design and efficiency, with the efforts of R&D team which always follows technological innovations. Our auxiliary equipment gives you financial advantages by providing more production in less time.

Types of Concrete Batch Plant For Sale

Concrete batching plant for sale has many options according to the needs of the project, such as different production capacities or being mobile or stationary. To decide which concrete batch is right for you, you can contact our experts or read this short article we prepared for you. FABO concrete batches are produced in two basic categories which are

  • Mobile concrete batches
  • Stationary concrete batches

While fixed concrete batches offer great advantages for companies whose project site is stable, mobile concrete batches can use the same machine in several different projects. In addition, efficiency and capacity can be increased by making addition to the stationary concrete batches. Mobile and fixed concrete batching plant price differs. In order to make the right investment and not to suffer financial damage in the future, it is necessary to decide well which one to take.

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant Price

FABO stationary concrete batching plants have different models depending on their production capacity, mixer type and bunker capacity. Powermix-60 got its name from its ability to produce 60 m3 per hour. It has a pan mixer with a volume of 1 m3 and 4 hoppers of 10 m3. The model meets concrete needs by making fast and efficient production for small projects. The Powermix-90, which takes its name again from its production capacity, produces 90 m3 of concrete per hour with 2 m3 pan mixer and 4 hoppers of 15 m3. It is preferred for slightly larger projects. You can call us to get more detailed information and to learn about FABO Machinery’s solutions of the fixed concrete batch, which is one of the world’s most respected concrete batch plant manufacturers.


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