Portable Screening Plant

Portable screening plant is much used in stone mining, aggregate production and various construction operations. It is a particularly attractive option for contractors of certain projects. Screening plants can also be used for recycling purposes. Recycling existing wastes is a good development for the environment. FABO portable screening plant is put up for sale with different models and features. All options such as crawler screening plants and mobile crushing plants are at the level and quality that meet the needs of businesses and projects in different sizes.

Portable Crushing and Screening Plant

The portable crushing and screening plant is ideal for companies that think the cost of fixed crushing and screening plants is high. This is understandable, since a fixed facility will have some extra costs. Contractors’ solution is to rent a screening plant, but buying a mobile screening plant should be seen as another solution. Whether mining or construction, certain companies undertake certain parts of each project. In this way, the responsibility of the main company that undertakes the project is removed.  A crushing and screening plant is generally covered by these subcontractors. The benefits of purchasing a portable screening plant emerges right here. A mobile screening plant purchased for use in similar projects can be used in landscaping, mining or other construction projects. In this way, it is possible to get rid of long term rental costs.


Advantages of Mobile Screening Plant

The portable screening plant takes up little space and therefore can be easily moved to different project sites. In addition, they can meet more needs by configuring with many plugins. This is the biggest advantage of mobile screening plants. The advantages of mobile screening plants are given as follows:

  • Depending on the project carried out, it may be necessary to change location. A portable machine can be easily moved from one project site to another after routine maintenance. It is not as laboursome as fixed facilities.
  • Portable screening plants are easy to install.
  • Transportation costs of fixed screening plants are quite high. For mobile machines, it is almost non-existent. In addition, the initial investment cost of mobile screening plant is low.
  • Mobile screening plants can be easily configured and have the ability to perform different tasks. This ensures that mobile facilities can be used in more areas.

FABO Portable Screening Plant

FABO’s engineering wonder FULLSTAR Mobile Crushing, Screening and Washing Plants series is the first facility that can perform both crushing, screening and washing operations on a single chassis. The products of this series are:

  • FULLSTAR-60 Mobile Crushing, Screening and Washing Plant
  • FULLSTAR-90 Mobile Crushing, Screening and Washing Plant
  • FULLSTAR-110 Mobile Crushing, Screening and Washing Plant

You can visit our site about the technical specifications of our models and contact our customer representatives for more detailed information.


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