Concrete Mixer For Sale

Concrete mixer for sale is one of the equipment used in cement production, also called mortar mixer or cement mixer. Thanks to the mixer, producing cement has become quite easy by combining aggregate, sand and water. Apart from cement, they can also be used to obtain building materials such as plaster. The concrete mixer for sale is sold in the market with different models and features in order to satisfy different requirements. This mixer is designed according to differences in production capacity, technical specifications, and whether it is portable or not. They easily overcame the toughest jobs and became the biggest helpers of the companies.

FABO Concrete Mixer For Sale

Concrete mixer for sale is designed and produced for use in projects with large and small volumes. Therefore, some models have higher loading capacities, while others are lower. All the types of concrete mixers offered by FABO are produced in accordance with world standards considering the requirements of all kinds of projects. The types of concrete mixer machine for sale that we offer with FABO quality assurance are as follows:

  • Single Shaft Mixer
  • Tws-01, Tws-02, Tws-03, Tws-04, Tws-05 and Tws-06 Twinshaft Mixers
  • Pan Mixer

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Advantages of Concrete Mixer Machine For Sale

FABO concrete mixers bring many advantages that will surpass your competitors in the industry. All of our mixers have followings features:

  • Mixing efficiency is high. It ends mixing in 20% less time without any problem compared to other concrete mixers.
  • While manufacturing, materials complying with the international standards are used. So, they can be used for a long time.
  • High security tests are performed before sales. All our products have successfully completed advanced security and performance tests.
  • It guarantees efficient operation even in the toughest conditions.

There are differences between the models of industrial concrete mixers for sale. For example, there is an automatic lubrication pump in Twinshaft Mixer. In this way, maintenance and operating costs are minimized.

FABO Industrial Concrete Mixer For Sale

For nearly twenty years, FABO has been creating solutions that will create value for its customers on the basis of its science and technique. It prioritizes occupational safety for all its customers and produces efficient and cost-effective machines. FABO is one of the most preferred companies with its pre-sales related customer representatives and after-sales installation, technical support and training services. You have many reasons to prefer FABO. Some of thoseare given as follows:

  • We always aim for the technology of the future with our advanced R&D department.
  • We produce environmentally friendly machines that produce less waste.
  • We offer unique service before and after sales, moreover, our prices are very reasonable.


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