Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

Twin shaft concrete mixer provides ideal solutions for the precast concrete industry and all projects where high quality concrete is needed. Since double shaft mixers have shafts rotating in two different directions, it offers the opportunity to obtain a more homogeneous mixture.

Twin shaft concrete mixer possesses faster mixing power than other types of mixer, thus providing effective results even with large size aggregates. Synchronous operation of the shafts on the horizontal axis makes the mixture of water, cement, and aggregate being in accordance with the standards.

Benefits of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

The twin shaft concrete mixer ensures that materials with different properties and different amounts are evenly distributed, thereby obtaining a concrete mixture with similar properties at each point.

Some mixtures may not be obtained by one-way rotating of single shaft mixers. In order to distribute all materials evenly and obtain the right consistency of concrete, The use of double shaft mixers makes a significant difference.

The benefits of twin shaft mixers can be listed as follows:

  • The twin shaft mixers move in both radial and axial direction. In this way, it achieves effective results compared to single shaft mixers even at a lower speed. For this reason, it is much more advantageous to invest in twin shaft mixers instead of single shaft mixers.
  • Twin shaft mixer allows the concrete to accumulate between the two shafts while it is running. This significantly reduces the amount of wear between the mixing arms and the undercoat. In single shaft mixers, the use of cast iron or steel plates is a must to increase wear resistance. So, it increases the cost.
  • The design of twin shaft mixers greatly reduces the possibility of failure. Its manufacturing with the newest technology brings ease of maintenance and repair.

FABO Twin Shaft Mixers

With almost twenty years of industry experience, FABO manufactures the mixers to meet all the needs of today’s construction industry. FABO Twin Shaft Mixers can easily adapt to all kinds of facilities, whether they are installed in narrow areas or in large areas. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it allows the mixture obtained by two machines to be made with a single machine.

As Fabo, we have 6 different types of double shaft mixer suitable for all kinds of projects whether they are small or large. These are given as follows:

You can contact our customer representatives to get more detailed information about the technical specifications and prices of our models and to choose the most suitable mixer for your project.


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