Tertiary Crusher For Sale

Tertiary crusher for sale is generally one of the types of crusher preferred in the field of ore mining. In addition, it has the ability to produce fine stone powder material used in various projects such as railway, asphalt and airport constructions.

Tertiary crusher for sale is an environmentally friendly machine. Due to its  low energy

use, it both reduces operating costs and emits less carbon. FABO’s tertiary crushers are among the most reliable crushers in the industry because of the efficient and reliable results obtained in crushing minerals such as granite, basalt, limestone, quartz.

Advantages of FABO Tertiary Crusher For Sale

While FABO’s tertiary crusher for sale produces the 03-05 stone powder material at the highest quality, it also brings many advantages in terms of operating principles and technical features. In the all tertiary crusher models, efficiency is considered   be at the maximum level, and accordingly, high speed and bi-directional rotor motion features are used.

Other advantages of FABO tertiary crushers can be listed as follows:

  • Thanks to its hydraulic adjustment system, small size and light weight, it can be used, moved and maintened easily.
  • FABO’s new generation tertiary crushers perform approximately 40% above the sanding power of their counterparts.
  • It provides 60% energy saving compared to other tertiary crushers that have same production capacity.
  • Even if the smallest problem is encountered, the continuity of production is ensured with immediate intervention thanks to FABO’s the spare parts and technical support services.

Difference Between Tertiary Crusher and Jaw Crusher

Unlike jaw crushers, tertiary crushers are used for the second or third time to crush broken stones.The bigger size stones obtained with the jaw crusher are cutted into smaller particles by the tertiary crusher. As can be seen from here, the main difference of these two breakers is the breaking force. These two machines use different crushing forces. In tertiary crushers, the material is squeezed between two different surfaces to reach smaller sizes.

Before buying a tertiary crusher or jaw crusher, it is necessary to determine which type of crusher machine is the most suitable for you. For some projects, these two breakers may be require, while for others only one may be sufficient.

FABO Tertiary Crusher Machines

FABO is proud to advertise the most economical and efficient new generation tertiary crushers as a result of long R&D studies. Our tertiary crusher for sale models that we have produced according to production capacities, rotor size and motor power are as follows:

For detailed information about our tertiary crusher models, you can contact our customer representatives.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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