Concrete Pan Mixer

Concrete pan mixer can be immediately distinguished from other concrete mixers with its appearance resembling a huge pan. The concrete mixture is mixed by rotating it clockwise inside the tank like pan which is produced in different sizes according to the need. When it rotates in the opposite direction, it discharges the finished material.

Concrete pan mixer can be easily integrated with other concrete plant equipment. With this feature, it is ideal for concrete plants and projects of different sizes. Before choosing a pan mixer compatible with your project and business volume, choose one of the reliable companies in the sector by conducting market research.

FABO Concrete Pan Mixer

Concrete pan mixer is one of the indispensable products of the concrete industry. A high quality concrete mixer is used efficiently for many years and requires minimum maintenance costs. When these two factors are considered together, it can be seen that choosing the right pan mixer provides great financial advantages to the companies.

Although the most common mixer type in the industry is pan mixer, there are also two other mixer types.

These two types of mixers are:

  • Twin shaft mixer
  • Single shaft mixer

FABO pan mixers are reliable and economical options for small and medium-sized concrete plants. FABO Pan Mixer, which is used all over the world, will let you to earn the purchasing cost in a short time and even profit the business.

How to Choose a Concrete Mixer?

There are important points to consider when purchasing a concrete pan mixer. These can be listed as follows:

  • In pan mixers with high capacity, double discharge covers should be preferred. In this way, it will be possible to save time.
  • Pan mixers that have automatic washing system also save time and cost.
  • The presence of large parts in the mixture may cause damage to the machine in some cases. Therefore, it is important that the wheel and paddles are equipped with springs to prevent damage.
  • It must be made of wear-resistant material.
  • Pan mixers with safety system automatically stops all operations when the maintenance cover of the machine is opened. They should be preferred as it will minimize work accidents and injuries.

As you can see, pan concrete mixer for sale is a machine with many different features. When you buy a pan mixer with features suitable for your project, you can take advantage of many advantages.

Advantages of FABO Pan Concrete Mixer For Sale

The main advantages of FABO’s reliable pan mixers for you and your business are as follows:

  • Automatic working principle and advanced mixing technology.
  • High efficiency
  • Energy-saving
  • Minimum noise
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • ITs feature to be integrated into any concrete plant

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