Rock Crusher

Rock Crusher is a machine equipped with high technology used for processing sand, gravel, various minerals and mines, rock or aggregates. If you want to buy or rent this machine and equipment, you should work with a professional company that has proven itself in the industry.

In this article, we will note about the points you need to know about the rock crusher and try to help you make the right machine choice for the operation you are carrying out.

Types of Rock Crusher

Rock Crusher is produced in different types and offered for sale according to the unique needs of each project. These types of crushers are classified by the size and shape of the material to be inserted as a result of the crushing process. Primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary stone crushing stations are established for this purpose.

While some projects require only one of these types, some projects may require several or all of them.

  • Primary Crusher: It refers to the first stage of the crushing process. It ensures that the material is portable and has a processable size by the secondary crusher. Jaw crushers, cone crushers and impact crushers can be used at this stage.
  • Secondary Crusher: In this crushing process, it is essential to prepare the material for the tertiary crushing process. Considering the properties of the stone, secondary crushing is done in a size compatible with tertiary crushing. Cone crushers are generally preferred for this stage.
  • Tertiary Crusher: It is the last stage of the crushing process. It ensures the reduction of material in the size required to be sold.

After learning the crushing stages and the types of machines, the next step is to get to know the rock crusher for sale.

Rock Crusher Models

Crusher models are categorized by the type of material and the industrial purposes  of crushing. These machines have different hardware features and enable you to obtain different outputs. They usually have the following models:

  • Jaw crushers
  • Cone crushers
  • Impact crushers
  • Tertiary crushers

Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is generally used in the primary crushing phase. With these machines which are capable of crushing even the hardest materials, efficient results can be obtained in almost any type of material. Materials crushed with a jaw crusher have maximum fineness, although they generally need to be subjected to secondary crushing.

Cone Crusher

Cone crusher can process both dry and wet material. They also ensure efficient results at different levels of hardness.

Impact Crusher

They are used in materials with low abrasiveness such as limestone. Impact crushers are used to make materials in a smaller size and a cubic form. Impact crushers do not work with compression logic like jaw and cone crushers. There are some cons in the project area, such as creating too much dust.

Tertiary Crusher

Tertiary crusher is also used to reduce and thin stones of large sizes. Like jaw and cone crushers, tertiary crushers have the clamping logic.

Apart from these crusher models, there are also stationary and portable rock crusher.

Portable Rock Crusher

Fixed or portable crushers can be used depending on how long the project will take, whether the equipment will be transported to different work areas. Although fixed facilities are considered to have much higher capacity and efficiency, mobile facilities are at least as efficient as fixed facilities thanks to the developing technologies. Being portable also brings greater advantages.

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