Jaw Crusher Machine

Jaw crusher machine is a type of crusher that utilizes the compression force to break the particles. This compression force is obtained by two jaw-like structures, one of which is fixed and the other is moving. Jaw crushers are used in the mining industry, aggregate manufacturing and many other projects.

FABO jaw crusher machine has been produced by using advanced technology and as a result of many years of R&D studies. FABO produces the strongest and most robust jaw crushers on the market and sells to the leading companies of the sector in various countries of the world. FABO is ground high level occupational safety principles on all jaw crushers.

Jaw Crusher Machine For Sale

Jaw crusher machine is used as primary crusher. In this regard, it is very important for the quality of the material to be obtained. Although the material will be processed again with secondary and tertiary crushers later, it is the first crushing process that determines the quality of all these processes. Choosing the right machine type and a reliable manufacturer will decrease the investment cost so increasing profit of the companies.

Jaw crushers have different models according to the jaw opening. What is meant by the jaw opening is actually the part called the breaking room. The greater the jaw opening, the more material is taken into the crushing chamber. In this way, crushing can be done for more materials at the same time.

According to FABO’s jaw opening size and capacities, the jaw crusher models are as follows:

How Does a Jaw Crusher Work?

The jaw crusher machine used in the processing of a mine or ore compresses the rock or mine between two jaws and reduces it to smaller dimensions. While doing this, it uses one fixed and one movable jaw. While the fixed jaw is the crushing surface, the movable jaw exerts force to compress the material against the fixed jaw. When the material has the appropriate size, it is transferred towards the bottom of the Fixed jaw, and for this the Material must be small enough.

How much a Jaw Crusher?

FABO’s jaw crusher models have been designed and manufactured with 17 years of knowledge and sectoral experience as well as taking into account all the needs of the companies. Our customer representatives and expert technical staff help you choose the right machine by analyzing your needs in the most accurate way before sales.

By choosing FABO, you get ahead of your competitors by achieving your production goals. We proide the operator and occupational safety training after sales. While these protects the efficiency and health of your operation, you will never be left in the lurch through our technical support service.

We also have an unlimited number of spare parts for all our products.

  • Crusher automation systems
  • Concrete batch plant control systems – Automation
  • Crusher castings
  • Mixer wheel
  • Crusher and concrete plant bearings

By purchasing our spare parts directly from us, you can extend the life of your machine and continue to utilise its performance at the most efficient level.

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