Crusher Plant

Crusher plant is a highly functional industrial facility which is frequently used in quarry, mines, and the disintegration of waste building materials. The main purpose of the crusher plant is to ensure that the stone, ore or any material used in the crushing process reaches the required dimensions.

The crusher plant has different stations in order to get the broken material in the desired size. These are referred to as primary, secondary or tertiary crushing stations. Although these facilities were only stationary in the past, they now also can be mobile and portable.

Components of Crusher Plant

The crusher plant has different crushing stations, as well as equipment that undertakes different tasks besides crushing. The crusher plnat comprises following equipment:

  • Vibrating Feeder: The crushed materials is directed to the jaw or impact crusher via these machines.
  • Crushers: These machines that perform crushing process may vary according to the material. Jaw crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher are examples of the crusher.
  • Vibrating Screen: It has the function of screening the materials reached to a certain size through the crushers. If large pieces are left, they are separated by vibrating screen.
  • Belt Conveyor: It provides the connection between the different stations in the plant. It transfers the material from one machine to another.

Types of Crusher Plants

All enterprises operating in the mining, aggregate or construction sectors benefit from crusher plants. The point to be considered here is to determine correctly which type of crusher is compatible with the work to be done. While some businesses can operate with only one type of crusher, some may require secondary or tertiary crushers, and these machines must be carefully selected. Therefore, when searching for stone crusher plant near me, it should be especially  specified that which materials will be used and what purpose the machine will be utilzed.

Jaw Crusher

Jaw crushers are generally primary crushers. They make the material ready for the next crushing stages. They downsize the materia, so they can be transported through conveyors.

Jaw crusher has one fixed and one movable jaws to crush the material. The material passes between these two jaws while exposing to a force. As a result, they are crumbled into smaller pieces.

Impact Crusher

Impact crushers can be utilised in many stages in a crusher plant. So, while in some cases they can operate as primary, in the others it can be secondary crusher.

They are produced in two different types as horizontal shaft impactor (HSI) and vertical shaft impactor (VSI). Horizontal shaft impactors can be run in primary, secondary or tertiary crushing stages. On the other hand, vertical shaft impactors are used in the last stage in order to make the material in a cubic shape.

Cone Crusher

Cone crushers are generally preferred in secondary and tertiary crushing stages. In cases where the material is too small to require primary crushing, they can also be used as a first crushing stage.

Stone Crusher Plant Near Me

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