Portable Rock Crusher

Portable rock crusher is an independent machine that have easy transportation thanks to its flexible structure and design. It can be considered as a combination of feeding, crushing and screening machines in stationary crusher plants.

Portable rock crusher is frequently preferred in mining, aggregate production or treating construction waste. Mobile rock crusher has two different types according to the way they move. These are tracked crushers and rock crushers operating with pulling .

Portable Rock Crusher For Sale

Portable rock crusher is ideal for crushing hard metals such as gold, copper and hard materials such as steel, iron, glass, coal, asphalt, gravel, concrete.

The biggest advantage of portable crushers is, of course, that they can be easily transferred to different work sites. The equipment in the portable crushing plant are as follows:

  • Wheeled or tracked transport system
  • Crusher (some models also have a grinder)
  • Vibrating screen

While mobile rock crusher reveals how functional it is compared to stationary crushing plants, it has also the most advanced technology among the crushing and screening technologies.

Portable rock crusher is able to be customized for different terrain structures and work sites. And it  can be used with both fuel and generator.

FABO Best Portable Rock Crusher

FABO portable rock crushers can be optimized for both low-scale operations and large-scale projects. Portable rock crushers which differ in capacity, power and material to be crushed offer significant advantages for businesses.

  • Mobile rock crusher is both easy to move and install. This reduces the labor cost required for installation.
  • With the automatic control system in portable rock crushers, fewer elements are required to operate the machine.
  • Mobile crushers are not subject to permission like stationary crushing plant. They are ready to work as soon as they arrive at the job site.

Installation of Mobile Rock Crusher

The installation of the mobile rock crushing plant consists of several simple steps:

  • The machine is delivered to the project site.
  • It is installed at a suitable point in the field.
  • It is operated without materials.
  • It is operated with materials.

As FABO, we provide our free training at the last stage as we observe the safety of the workers in your project and the maximum efficiency of your business.

It’s that simple! If no problems occur during these steps, your machine is ready for operation!

The leading companies of the world prefer FABO best portable rock crushers in the market to increase the efficiency of their operations. Choose FABO to beat your global competitors! Call us for more information.

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