Sand Making Machine

Sand making machine is used to create rocks or mineral wastes called artificial sand, which do not contain soft and weathered granules and have a particle size of less than 4.75 mm.

Artificial sand obtained by sand making machine is frequently used in industrial construction technologies. It is common to use artificial sand in concrete structures in hydroelectric power plants. The demand for artificial sand is increasing day by day due to its high compressive strength, easy adaptability to many materials and less negative effects on the environment.

How Does Sand Making Machine Work?

The sand making machine carries out a series of operations in order to reduce the large-sized materials to smaller sizes compatible with usage. Although it is called as sand machine, it is actually optimized versions of crushing, screening and washing facilities for this purpose.

The equipment that processes the material to obtain artificial sand are as follows respectively:

In order to maintain the natural balance and not to use the sand in the rivers for construction purposes, the sand manufacturing plant has an increasing demand all over the world. These machines meet the sand needs of the construction industry and contractor companies working on the projects while they also determine the quality of ready mixed concrete, asphalt mixture, road construction or construction base materials. If artificial sand is not of high quality, construction will be less robust, which is a factor that endangers human life.

FABO Sand Production Plant

It is also necessary to take into account the natural balance and environmental factors in meeting the needs of the industry. FABO carries out all its work for stronger structures, a cleaner environment and higher quality of life. Therefore, it performs the design and production stages in the sand production plant in accordance with these standards.

Sand machine provides high efficiency rate, easy operation and low operating cost. The other advantages are given below.

Advantages of Sand Making Machine

  • Thanks to its design and quality, FABO sand manfacturing plant can work continuously and efficiently under different conditions. With the mobile machines, it is possible to produce high quality aggregates for different projects.
  • FABO’s sand prodcution plant has 60% lower energy consumption compared to old generation sand making machines. All parts of the equipment are made of wear-resistant material. This reduces maintenance and operating costs.
  • It has a dedusting system in accordance with environmental protection standards. It leaks less dust, so does not cause environmental pollution.

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