Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Vertical shaft impact crusher is a type of crusher that operates in crusher plants. This type of crusher is designed for crushing hard and highly abrasive materials.

Unlike many other crusher models, the Vertical shaft impact crusher is very efficient to crush small sized stones and mines. In addition, it is designed to break moist, watery or sticky mines to desired sizes.

What is Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher?

What is Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher?

Stone crushing and screening plants, known as crushing plants in short, are facilities where large-sized ores extracted from mines or stream beds are converted into smaller sizes. Sand production is required to obtain aggregate, which is the basic material of the construction industry. Sand is one of the main materials of concrete and  can be manufactured by processing large-sized special stones in crushing facilities and reducing them to small sizes.

Crusher plant consists of several machines that can perform different operations together. Crushing is an important process in the plant and many types of crushers exist to perform for it. One of them is Vertical shaft impact crusher that has a rotor rotating at high speed to crush materials. It is able to crush moist or water-contacted stones as well as hard and highly abrasive stones.  It provides important advantages to companies as well.

Advantages of Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers

Advantages of Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers

Every machine and equipment in a crusher plant are designed and manufactured according to the needs. Therefore, each machine has its own benefits. Vertical shaft impact crusher is a type of impact crushers and offers important advantages given as follows:

  • High performance in crushing river material
  • Easy to break hard materials
  • Ability of drying moist or wet material to a certain extent
  • Ability of processing wet or moist material
  • Easy installation and disassembly
  • Ability to achieve the desired cubic ratio

Working Principle of Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

The Vertical shaft impact crusher can successfully crush almost all types of stones and ores, even materials with high abrasion rates. It runs in high-speed rotational motion. This type of crusher operates on the principle of the conversion the kinetic energy of the stones converts to the impact and crushing energy, not breaking the stones by the crusher’s own mechanisms.The material from the feeder rotates rapidly with the movement of the rotor to obtain high kinetic energy, and then is transferred to the crushing section. Here, kinetic energy is transformed into impact force, causing the stones to collide with each other and break. Therefore, the stone becomes smaller.

Working Principle of Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher
Where to Use Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher?

Where to Use Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher?

Impact crushers have a wide range of use whose examples are as follows:

  • In the production of the substrate required in road construction
  • Concrete production for use in construction
  • Glass factories
  • In limestone and basalt quarries
  • Reducing the ore size in coal mines
  • Production of gravel and sand required for buildings

It is one of the most preferred crusher models and can successfully shrink highly abrasive ore to a cubic rate of 0.5 mm.

Fixed Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Shaft crushers can be designed in different structures for the different needs of the enterprises. The one is the crusher with a fixed Vertical shaft impact. It is designed for long-term projects by taking part in large business areas. The fixed crusher is mostly preferred by companies producing at high capacity in same project area. It provides them significant cost advantages in terms of its performance and durability.

Fixed Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

FABO Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

FABO Vertical shaft impact Crushers are designed in different models and capacities in order to crush the desired amount. FABO crushers are able to crush an average of 90 tons to 450 tons of stone per hour and shrink almost any medium-sized mine to  a cubic rate of 0.5mm. (Vertical shaft crusher VSI-900 performs an average of 450 tons of crushing per hour. You can view the product here.)

Shaft crushers, which have a very wide range of work, belong to the tertiary crusher class. While FABO shaft crushers provide companies significant savings in terms of time and cost in long-term projects, they are also offered for sale with a 1-year warranty.

Specifications of FABO Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Crushing of the material coming from the feeding hopper is carried out by the rotor rotating at high speed. The stone in the cascading zone is thrown into the crushing zone through the distributor plate. Spare parts expenses are quite low in this crushing process, in which the method of colliding stones against each other is used. Some specifications of FABO vertical shaft impact crusher are given as follows:

  • Stones are crushed by hitting each other or to anvil.
  • There is no need to use a sieve in vertical shaft crushers. It is open to one-step processing.
  • With the specially alloyed rotor tips developed by FABO engineers, your job is never interrupted and your maintenance costs are minimized.

Advantages of FABO Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Vertical shaft crushers have been designed by FABO engineers in such a way that the most efficiency is obtained with the least energy. They produce sand and stone chips at 0.5mm by breaking all kinds of medium-sized and hard materials. Some benefits offered by these machines are as follows:

  • High production capacity
  • Low energy cost
  • Cubic and excellent quality product
  • High product yield
  • Easy maintenance service
  • Low wear costs
  • High return on investment
  • Minimum installation cost
Advantages of FABO Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher
Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

What is The Price of Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher?

FABO vertical shaft crushers are produced in high quality in accordance with European standards. They work on the principle of increasing efficiency by conserving energy. Vertical Shaft crusher is the least energy-consuming machine on the market since it is a highly engineering product designed as a result of long and wide R&D studies.

You can contact us to get detailed information about FABO vertical shaft crushers and to learn  the prices.


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