Mobile Screening Plant Features and Usage Areas

Mobile screening plant is a machine used in mines and quarries to screen large pieces of crushed material. This equipment, which must be available in crushing plants, enables faster production.

Mobile screening plant is the choice of companies working in the mining industry to save both time and cost. Mobile screens are usually palletised and can reach different points in the furnace. They can be easily used in small project areas.

What are the Features of Mobile Screening Plant?

Mobile screening plant offers advantages for aggregate production besides mining industry. Some of the important reasons to be preferred are being portable and having high screening capacity. High operational efficiency is achieved with the mobile washing and screening plant.

The features of mobile screening plants are:

  • Its production capacity varies between 150-350 tons.
  • It can cover 1 km distance per hour thanks to its hydraulic motor.
  • It consists of vibratory feeder, vibrating screen, feed and stock conveyor on a single palletised chassis.

Mobile screening plants are also called sand screener as they are used extensively in the mining sector.


What Are The Usage Areas of Mobile Screening Plants?

The main intended use of mobile screening plants is to separate a group of materials in different sizes. Thanks to the screening process performed according to the desired material size, the size of the product can be standardized. Apart from the separation process, there are also types of screens that have functions such as dewatering and dust removal screens.

Mobile screening plant is widely used in industries including mining, mineral processing, agriculture, pharmaceutical, food, plastics and various recycling processes. It also has advantages for road construction, demolition and recycling companies. It allows these products to be reused by waste recycling.

What are the Advantages of Mobile Screening Plants?

The characteristics of the portable screening plant are the same as the screening plants used in stationary crushing plants. They have many common points in terms of performance and operating costs. It offers many more than the stationary screening plant.

  • It can be easily transported due to its compact structure.
  • It can be installed easily in a short time.
  • Since it takes up less space, it gives the opportunity of usage area more efficiently for people who work in project sites that have space shortage.
  • It provides high performance and efficiency.
  • Installation and operation does not require permission from local authorities.

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