Concrete Crushing Plant

Concrete crushing plant is a machine that is frequently used in recycling facilities, road projects or on-site demolition works. Concrete crushing plants, which are generally mobile and small in size, are divided into types according to capacity and crusher type.

Concrete crushing plant can be easily transported on a single chassis. Some of them are also produced with crawler, thus providing mobility. Especially crawler concrete crushing plants have great advantages in the project area.

Mobile Concrete Crushing Plant

Concrete crushing plant is also known as asphalt crusher. This is because it is also used for asphalt recycling.

As can be seen, concrete crushing plants have many features for various purposes. Therefore, maximizing some factors that are vital to a firm such as productivity and continuity depends on choosing the right machine.

If you want to find the manufacturer and buy concrete crushing plant near me, the followings are the types of crushers you will commonly  come across:

  • Mobile impact crusher for sale
  • Mobile jaw crusher for sale
  • Mobile cone crusher for sale

Concrete Crushing Plants According to The Types of Crusher

  • Jaw Crushers: This type of concrete crushers use two parts that look like a jaw to crush the material. One of these parts is fixed, the other is moving. Moving between these two slabs, concrete is broken into smaller pieces.
  • Cone Crushers: In these crushers, crushing is carried out by means of two cone shaped slabs. They are generally used as secondary crushers after jaw or impact crushers.
  • Impact Crushers: Impact crusher is a type of multipurpose crushers that can be used as primary, secondary and tertiary. It performs the crushing process through the rod or hammer spinning rotor.

The different types of crushers listed above are available as both mobile and stationary. Small concrete crusher for sale or tracked crusher are more advantageous for concrete and asphalt recycling projects.

FABO Concrete Crushing Plant and Asphalt Crusher 

The crawler crusher plants produced by FABO in accordance with the principles of high efficiency and sustainability are perfect for recycling projects.

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