Sand Screening Plant For Sale

Sand screening plant for sale has a mechanical screening system that is used to screen stones in the form of raw or crushed and to separate stones of different sizes. The screeners are available in two different versions as wet and dry screening.

Sand screening plant for sale commonly operates as part of a crushing, screening and washing plant. Apart from that, it can also be used independently for only screening purposes. Thanks to the developments in the machinery industry, mobile screens and tracked screening plants have started to be produced.

Advantages of Sand Screening Plant For Sale

It is ideal to purchase a sand screening plant for sale and use it with a jaw, impact, or cone crusher to make the raw material usable. Depending on the scope of the project and the material to be crushed and screened, a palette or mobile sand washing screening plant can be preferred.

The sand screening machine generally has a vibrating system, so also known as a vibrating screener. Many different types of sand such as quartz, silica and robo can be screened by means of vibrating screener.

Some advantages of vibrating screening plants are given as follows:

  • Wide design to rise ease of operation
  • Convenience to change parts in cases like wear
  • Ability to be customized by adapting easily with all different types of crushers
  • Integrated feeding box
  • High strength material

Types of Sand Washing Screening Plant

Screening plant manufactures aggregate, sand, gravel, crushed rock and can be used in many projects such as recycling operations, construction, demolition, and road construction. Many types of screening plant are manufactured for these different purposes.

Screening plants are classified on the type of screening and the material. Dry and wet screening are some of them. Screener, which is an indispensable equipment of crushing plants, can be optimized according to customer requirements.

FABO Sand Screening Plant

FABO offers many vibrating screen options to meet the needs of businesses operating in different sectors.

  • TE-1650 Vibrating Screen
  • TE-2060 Vibrating Screen
  • Polyurethane Vibrating Washing Screen
  • TE-2460 Vibrating Screen
  • TE-2270 Vibrating Screen
  • Horizontal Vibrating Screen

In addition to these screens, there are also mobile screening plant solutions:

  • FTS-1550-2 Tracked Screening Plant
  • FTS-1550-3 Tracked Screening Plant

Contact us if you want to renew your equipment or increase your business volume by purchasing new machines. FABO offers various options of crushing, screening, and washing plant for every requirement.


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