Vertical Shaft Crushers For Sale

Vertical shaft crushers for sale perform crushing through wear-resistant tips placed on a high speed rotor. Unlike other types of crushers, they use speed, not surface force, during crushing.

The products obtained by vertical shaft crushers for sale have lots of usage araes. They can provide the cubicity required in the construction of highway, asphalt, and airport. Apart from these areas, they can be used in many sectors.

FABO Vertical Shaft Crushers For Sale

Vertical shaft crusher for sale are ideal for making coarse material finer. There are many advantages in terms of price – performance compared to other types of crusher for sale. Its biggest advantage is that it can offer solutions for almost every sector.

Vertical shaft crusher is generally used in the following industries:

  • Aggregate production: In the making aggregate materials thinner such as limestone, sand, gravel,
  • Industrial usage: Reducing the size of various slag wastes,
  • Mining industry: Crushing any medium-sized hard mines such as magnesite, carbide, barite, trona,
  • Waste recycling: In the recycling of construction waste or food waste.

Advantages of Vertical Shaft Crusher

  • It provides right size of parts with consistent cubicity.
  • The rotor tips made of wear-resistant alloy reduces breakdown and maintenance costs by 50%.
  • It has high production capacity.
  • Energy and operating costs are low.
  • Installation cost is much less than its equivalents in the market.

FABO Vertical Shaft Crusher models have configurations to meet the needs of customers in different sectors. It has an automation system that requires minimum manpower. All spare parts can be easily changed and maintained.

Types and Prices of Crusher for Sale

FABO, one of Turkey’s leading manufacturer of crusher, manufactures many different crushing, screening and washing equipment including vertical shaft crushers.

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