Mobile Crusher Plant For Sale

Mobile crusher plant for sale are manufactured to meet various kinds of require such as crushing hard rocks in quarries, recycling wastes of mining, concrete and pavement. The main reason why crusher is divided into crusher types such as impact, jaw and conical is  different usage areas.

Mobile crusher plant for sale has much greater advantages than stationary crusher plants in terms of production speed, transportation convenience and portability. It is very easy to transport from one quarry to another, or from any worksite to another. Some types of crusher plant for sale can also be crawler, thus gaining mobility within the area.

Types of Mobile Crusher Plant For Sale

Mobile crusher plant for sale has become the most preferred type of crusher plant in recent years as it is portable. The leading factors are that it has all features belongs to stationary crusher plant and ability to be optimized according to different needs as well as easy transportation.

Mobile crusher plant, which is frequently preferred in quarries, recycling applications and mining sector, can be supplied with different capacities such as 140 TPH capacity crusher plant for sale, 90 TPH capacity crusher plant and 110 TPH capacity crusher plant.

As FABO, we have the following options in our range of mobile crusher plant:

  • Mobile Jaw Crusher
  • Mobile Impact Crusher
  • Mobile Cone Crusher
  • Mobile Tertiary Crusher

Features of 90 TPH Capacity Mobile Crusher Plant

FABO mobile crusher plants are the models of the Pro series with a production capacity of 90 – 130 tons per hour. It offers ideal solutions for aggregate production used for concrete, infrastructure and pavement.

Pro-90 Mobile Crusher Plant is placed on a single chassis. There is a feeding bunker, turbo impact crusher, 7 conveyor belts, vibrating screen, electrical panel, dedusting system and hydraulic unit.

The followings are other features of Pro-90:

  • 90 – 130 T / H production capacity
  • 500 mm maximum feed
  • 1100×900 mm rotor size of impact crusher
  • 1400×4000 mm size of vibrating screen

Prices of Crusher Plant For Sale

With all FABO portable crusher plant for sale, you can maximize your productivity, minimize your operating costs, and perform time-consuming processes in the easiest way such as installation and transportation. For all these, you can contact us and request detailed information about our machines.

Our company, one of the most reliable crusher manufacturer in the Turkey and the world, will help you find the most appropriate plant.


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