Tertiary Crusher Prices

Tertiary crusher prices and tertiary crusher types are two important issues followed constantly by business owners who want to produce fine materials. Tertiary crusher is a machine used for specific purposes as it is used in tertiary crushing process. You should be careful while choosing the tertiary crusher in order to make a good investment.

Tertiary crusher prices are especially significant for the mining industry. It is used in the last stage of the crushing process, so the quality of the tertiary crusher directly affects the quality of the product output.

Tertiary Crusher Prices and Models

Tertiary crusher prices may vary depending on many factors such as the production capacity of the machine, whether additions will be made to the standard features or not, and the installation and shipping condition.

In addition to these, the tertiary crusher can be purchased as a mobile crushing plant. The prices of mobile tertiary crushers should also be examined since they are advantageous in reducing operating and investment costs.

Before purchasing a tertiary crusher, its crusher specifications should be analyzed in detail.

Our FABO tertiary crusher options are as follows:

  • TK-65 Tertiary Crusher
  • TK-100 Tertiary Crusher
  • TK-130 Tertiary Crusher
  • TK-150 Tertiary Crusher
  • MTK-65 Mobile Tertiary Crusher
  • MTK-100 Mobile Tertiary Crusher
  • MTK-130 Mobile Tertiary Crusher

Tertiary Crusher Specifications

Tertiary crusher is designed and manufactured to thin the materials in stream beds, mines and limestones. Tertiary crusher assist obtaining the fine sand required by pavement factories and concrete batching plants.

Tertiary crusher has the same operating priciple with  impact crusher used as primary crusher. However, it is a machine used after the primary and secondary crusher in order to get thinner material.

In addition to the specifications mentioned above, a tertiary crusher has the followings as well:

  • The direction of the movement of the rotor can be changed as desired or regularly.
  • Maintenance and part replacement can be done with the hydraulic piston placed on both sides.
  • The bidirectional rotor extend the life of crawler.
  • Liner plates are made of wear-resistant materials.
  • The parts most exposed to abrasion are strengthened with special protectors.
  • It can be used for many years without losing its efficiency.

Crushers For Sale

FABO has primary, secondary and tertiary crushers; jaw, impact, vertical shaft and cone crushers; mobile crusher options and all the equipment required in a crushing and screening plant.

By reviewing our online catalog, you can choose one of our ready-made crushing plants or create a new plant according to your needs.

With our after-sales training, technical service and spare parts service, your work will never be interrupted. Call right now and get the most suitable crusher offer from our expert customer representatives!


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