Crushing Equipment Manufacturers

Crushing equipment manufacturers produce the machines requiered by companies operating in various sectors such as mining, recycling, asphalt and airport construction. Since the needs of each of these sectors are different, their working principles and production capacities offer varying options.

Crushing equipment manufacturers should use the latest technology in the manufacture of all machines.  It is also important that the electronics, hydraulic components and automation system are designed in a way that the machine is long-lasting and easy to use.

Crushing Equipment Manufacturers and Product Range

FABO is one of the reliable and popular crusher companies among crushing equipment manufacturers. Because it employs expert people in every department from design to casting operations, from training to technical staff. Thus, it can manufacture long-lasting machines that will increase the profitability of the enterprises.

Some of FABO’s customized equipment solutions based on sectoral needs are as follows:

  • Stationary Crushing Plants
  • Vibrating Feeder Bunkers
  • Jaw Crushers
  • Primary Impact Crushers
  • Tertiary Crushers
  • Vertical Impact Shaft Crushers
  • Cone Crushers
  • Vibrating Screens
  • Dewatering Vibrating Screen
  • Screw Washers
  • Bucket Washers
  • Wobbler Feeder

Rock crushing equipment can be purchased separately or as a facility. It is much more advantageous to buy a facility including all equipment. Machines developed by the same manufacturer work in perfect harmony with each other.

Crusher Companies and Portable Crushing Equipment

FABO develops portable crushing and screening plants in addition to stationary crushing plants. Since it knows how important mobility is today and realizes the require of the sector, all FABO’s experience and accumulation of knowledge are used in the field of mobile crusher plant.

Mobile crusher plants have many important advantages like being able to be transported with a single truck. They also take less space in project areas and can be operated by moving to different construction sites.

Followings are the FABO’s mobile solutions:

Find the Most Suitable Type of Crusher

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