What is A Mobile Crusher?

The simplest answer to the question “What is a mobile crusher?” is the general name given to mobile machines that crush stones in the stone and mining industry. Mobile crusher is a construction equipment that is mostly preferred in short term projects of crushing plant. It is portable and used for crushing stone or making coarse stones smaller.

The reasons why mobile crushers are most preferred by companies are that their installation is easy, they can be transported with only one truck, and at the end of the project they can be easily moved to another facility. Now that we have answered the question “What is a mobile crusher?”, we can move on to its advantages.

What is Mobile Crusher? What are the advantages?

  • Low installation cost
  • Low transportation costs since it is easy to transport
  • It can be easily used in another project at the end of the job
  • Cleaning and maintenance operations are easy and low cost
  • Suitable for all work sites
  • It reduces the facility cost of companies operating for a short time

Since mobile crushers are easy to install and transport, the working area will be quite wide. Mobile crushers are generally preferred in urban infrastructure works, road construction, laying natural gas and oil pipelines, infrastructure and superstructure works of railway tracks, subway lines and constructions in organized industrial zone, hydroelectric and wind energy projects, and the extraction and crushing of stones. In such projects, the efficiency of mobile crushers is higher, as the facility area is not fixed throughout the entire project and the facility must be moved to other locations continuously.

These crushers have an average capacity of 110 to 600 tons of product per hour. They can be designed in different capacities and hardware types according to the structure of the project and the wishes of the buyer.

Our Mobile Solutions:

  • Pro Series Mobile Crushing Plant
  • MCK Series Mobile Hard Stone Crushing Plant
  • Mobile Tertiary Crusher
  • Mobile Crushing, Screening and Washing Plant
  • Mobile Primary Crusher
  • Mobile Secondary Crushing and Screening Plant
  • Mobile Vertical Shaft Crusher
  • Mobile Container Type Jaw Crusher
  • Crawler Crushing Plant
  • Crawler Screening Plant

What Are The Other Types Of Crusher?

Crushers are divided into two as mobile crusher and stationary crusher. Selection of crusher plant should be made according to the nature of the work to be done, site characteristics and project duration.

As FABO, we produce the most powerful and technological machines in the market with our 17 years of knowledge and experience in the sector and offer effective solutions to our business partners. All the machines and equipment we produce have high power, safety and ease of use.

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