Mechanical Plant

Mechanical plant is an indispensable equipment of road construction. The production and preparation of mechanically stabilized materials used in the infrastructure of the road construction are carried out by this machine.

Mechanical plant is used in construction of all kinds of road even in the airport runway. The gravel is obtained from various places and brought to different sizes. Then, it is mixed with aggregate and stone chips in appropriate sizes in the mechanical stabilization plant. During this process, after water is added, mechanical material is obtained.

How Does a Mechanical Plant Work?

The stone chips obtained in different sizes by being crushed are mixed continuously and moistened with water. Raw materials are used to produce compressible homogeneous materials. Their ratios are adjusted, then the stone chips are passed through a mixer and collected in silos. Thus, the mechanical material to be used in infrastructure of road works is obtained.

Before the asphalt is poured and processed in the area where the road works will be carried out, it is necessary to improve the deformations such as fracture and collapse that may cause internal stresses in this area. Thus, the potential problems on the road that may occur in the future are prevented and the ground of the area where asphalt will be poured is became more durable. In order to strengthen the ground in this way and to eliminate possible problems, the mechanical material produced in the mechanical plant should be used before pouring hot asphalt on the road.

Thus, thanks to this process performed before asphalt casting, indents, protrusions, pits and other unevenness on the ground are filled with these aggregates instead of asphalt material. This increases the profitability of companies by reducing the total costs.


Parts of the Mechanical Plant

  • Feeder Bunker
  • Weighing Belt
  • Transfer Belt
  • Mixer
  • Stock Bunker
  • Electric Panel + Control Cabinet

FABO Mechanical Plants

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