Portable Concrete Batch Plant For Sale

Portable concrete batch plant for sale is one of the most preferred concrete batching plants due to the convenience provided by mobile production equipment. In particular, its practicality of transportation and assembly offers significant convenience.

Since the portable concrete batching plant for sale is designed mobile, it is ideal for short-term projects that involve relocation after a certain period of time. It saves companies both time and costs.

FABO Portable Concrete Batch Plant For Sale

Our companyproduces concrete batching plants confidently with the experience of many years in the sector. It is one of the leading companies in the industry as it has continuous development in the field and increase in its product range and quality. FABO mobile concrete batch plants are designed with the aim of producing high quality concrete in the fastest and most trouble-free way. They make your work easier and save you from unnecessary burden and costs.

FABO supports companies at every stage in their need for portable concrete plants. It provides all the necessary support to its business partners in all processes from the preliminary research required choosing the most suitable product for your project to the delivery of the product.

In order to get the best efficiency in line with the needs of the companies, we assist our customers whenever they need with our options of project-specific production, 24/7 service support and other options suitable for each project.

Advantages of FABO Portable Concrete Batch Plant

With the new generation designs of FABO mobile concrete batching plants, the transportation of the plants can be carried out with only one truck. FABO has succeeded in making its name known to the world with its latest technology products and has become a brand that exports to 45 countries.

FABO mobile concrete batch plants provide great benefits to businesses with their high performance and capacities, practical solid structures and high quality concrete production.  Considering all the needs of the companies, the advantages can be listed as follows:

  • Compliance with ISO 9002: 2010 and CE criteria
  • Pre-sales support
  • Low environmental impact
  • Easy installation and transportation
  • Computer aided automation system
  • Service and spare parts service
  • Product range in suitable with the capacity of the project
  • Advanced reporting

FABO has ready-mixed concrete production options of 30 m3, 60 m3, 90 m3, 100 m3, 120 m3 and 150 m3. FABO mobile concrete batch plants offer a variety of mixers with different capacities.

Just contact us for the most suitable product options for your project.


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