What Does The Crushing Plant Consist Of?

What does the crushing plant consist of? Crushing plant is a facility consisting of machines that provide the production of small stone pieces needed in all kinds of building and construction sectors. Crusher makes the production of these small stones.

We are going to explain the answer to the question of what the crusher plant consists of by dividing it in 4 sections. These basic sections are Feeder, Primary Crusher, Conveyor Belt and Vibrating Screen.

What Does A Crushing Plant Consist Of?

One of the basic materials of the building and construction sector is the small stones obtained by crushing large rocks. The production of these small stone pieces is carried out in a crushing plant. There are four main parts in the crushing plant that perform different tasks for crushing stone, which is a more complicated work than it seems. These are followings:

  • Bunker (Feeder)
  • Primary Crusher (Jaw Crusher)
  • Conveyor Belt
  • Vibrating Screen

Bunker (Feeder)

Bunker (Feeder) is the part that delivers the processed material to the required area. They feed vibrating screens or crushers. Adjusting the size of the output and increasing the capacity of the plant are also carried out with the Bunker (Feeder). It consists of two parts that are the chamber where the stone material is kept and the feeder that is placed just below it.

Primary Crusher (Jaw Crusher)

Jaw Crusher is a powerful machine used to obtain the hard materials that are needed by the enterprises in the production areas. Crushers, which can be produced in different sizes and engine power, can be used to crush and process all kinds of mines and minerals. Jaw Crushers crush the material to be produced by compressing it with its specially designed jaws and it can adjust the gape.

Conveyor Belt

Conveyor Belt is a transfering tool for transporting the materials obtained in the crushing plant from one place to another. Conveyor Belt is mostly used in mines, mineral processing and enrichment plant, crushing, screening and washing plant. It reduce the workload in crusher plants and minimize the use of manpower.

Vibrating Screen

The Vibrating Screen separates the different sized materials obtained after crushing in the crushing plant. Thus, the outputs are separated from each other. Vibrating Screen, which is an important part of the stone crushing and screening system, ensures that the desired size of material is obtained by drawing circular movements during the screening process.


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