Portable Washing Plant

Portable washing plant is a facility established to obtain materials such as sand, stone chips and gravel, which are the basic requirements of the construction and building sector. The most important specification that distinguishes these facilities from others (fixed and compact) is their structure of mobility.

Some building materials must meet certain standards in order to be used in construction. Aggregates that exist in nature are produced in accordance with these standards through the Portable Washing Plant.

What is a Portable Washing Plant?

Minerals used in building and construction such as sand, stone chips and gravel must be of the desired quality in order to be used in areas such as concrete production, road filling, wall covering, etc.  Otherwise, the strength and safety of the constructions will not be at the desired value. Therefore, the quality of the materials used in the building sector is of vital importance. Washing and screening plant is designed and manufactured to meet this need as well.

Most minerals and stones extracted from nature are not suitable for use in industrial areas. For example, sand is formed when rocks and similar minerals erode into very small grains over time. Sand has a loose structure and needs to go through certain processes in order to be used as a construction material.


How Does a Portable Washing Plant Work?

Gravel, stone chips or sand are extracted from stone and mineral quarries, stream beds or sea and as a priority, they are brought to the facility established in an area close to the region. Crushing and screening processes are carried out depending on the structure of the material to be obtained. The washing process is started for separating foreign substances from the aggregate that has a desired form. Thus, aggregate and foreign substances are separated from each other. Then the aggregate is passed through vibrating screen, so it is completely cleaned and ready for use.

Portable washing plant provide great convenience to companies. Thanks to their mobility, installation costs are very low. Likewise, washing facilities are very advantageous for short-term and mobile projects as they are very easy to disassemble and transport to another region. With these specifications, there are two types of washer used in washing plants that saves companies from excess cost:

Screw Sand Washer

It is a type of washer that holds the aggregate passing through the screens together with the water supplied to the machine. The Screw Sand Washer performs a high level washing process by rotating transport, and it is preferred due to its high capacity of operation.

Bucket Wheel Sand Washer

It is a type of washer that holds the aggregate that comes with materials such as clay through sieves. They are the most preferred washers because of their low power consumption and water saving.


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