Small Portable Jaw Crusher

Small portable jaw crusher is one of the basic equipment of crushing and screening plants. It is used as a primary crusher and secondary crusher. Jaw crushers is designed in different sizes and have many advantages since the mobility..

The small portable jaw crusher is mostly used in mines and quarries. It can crush stones and mines of any hardness in desired sizes.

What is a Small Portable Jaw Crusher?

Since their strong crushing ability, these crushers can easily crush hard materials brought from stream beds and stones that are hard to break such as granite and basalt. The jaw crusher, which take the material between the fixed and movable jaw plates, brings it to smaller sizes by compressing and crushing the material with elliptical movements.

Small jaw crushers are also available as primary and secondary. They reduce the expense costs of companies with their benefits such as their ability to operate in every capacity, ease of transportation and maintenance.

Equipment of Portable Jaw Crusher

Due to its small dimensions and easy transportation, it is highly preferred in mobile crushing and screening plant and in the mining industry, and Portable Mobile Crushers consist of the following equipment:


It has two parts, fixed and mobile. As the materials are crushed in this area, the most abrasion occurs here. Therefore, it is made of manganese steel and when one side is worn, the other side can be used.

Toggle Plate Pad

It has two tasks that are ensuring the safety and security of the engine system and providing extra crushing force to the jaws. When the crank shaft rotates, toggle plate pad allows the pitman and movable jaw to make a downward crushing motion.

Cheek Plates

Cheek plates keep the fixed jaw stationary and form the crushing area. It is obtained from wear resistant manganese steel casting. Plates fastened with screws on the body can be easily replaced in case of wear.

Crushing Body

It is made of low carbon steel to minimize the pressure on the crusher.

Crank Shaft and Bearings

The shaft allows the material to move under the jaw. It is produced from heat treated steel. Bearings, on the other hand, provide optimal power to the pitman and extend the maintenance time of the machine.

FABO Jaw Crusher

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