Prices of Jaw Crusher

The prices of the jaw crusher vary according to the different features of the crusher. The sector in which the jaw crushers will be used, the size of the material to be obtained and the material to be processed are the factors that determine the prices.

In addition, the prices of the jaw crusher may differ depending on whether the crusher is mobile or stationary and whether it is used as primary or secondary.

What are The Prices of Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is one of the important equipment of crushing and screening plant required for the production of filling and small size building materials in the mining and construction industries. Jaw crushers, which compress and crush the material in their fixed and moving jaws, crush mostly hard metals such as granite, basalt, limestone, quartzite, sandstone and marble.

Jaw crushers have the power to crush all kinds of hard materials, from soft metals like limestone to very hard metals such as granite and basalt. With the hydraulic assistant system, the required feeding opening can be adjusted easily. In addition to all these factors, the fact that the crusher is portable or fixed is one of the determinants of its price.

Mobile Jaw Crusher

Mobile Jaw Crusher is widely preferred in quarries producing aggregate and recycling. It performs as primary crusher in the mining industry. It has a different model that is crawler. Mobile jaw crushers save companies from excessive transportation and assembly costs due to their mobility. These benefits save time and money.

Fixed Jaw Crusher

It is a type of jaw crusher mounted on a fixed body and whose jaw is made of sheet metal. There are models in different power and sizes. Jaw crushers have a very high production capacity with their fixed structures, so ideal for facilities operating at high capacity. The pitman of the fixed jaw crushers is very strong and robust since being made of steel casting. And, jaws are made of magnesium or chrome alloy cast steel.

Prices of FABO Jaw Crusher

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