Mobile Cone Crusher

Mobile cone crusher is used to obtain any kind of small-sized materials from hard and high abrasive stones to softer or medium hard rocks and ores in various sectors.

The mobile cone crusher with portable body has low transportation and shipping costs. It gives the best results in the second and third crushing stages of a crushing and screening plant.

What is a Mobile Cone Crusher?

Cone crusher is a powerful machine that is commonly used for crushing hard and highly abrasive mines such as granite, basalt, andesite and stream material. The cone crushers crush the materials by pressing and are used as a premier, secondary or tertiary crusher.

Since processing very hard mines and ores, they are very robust and long-lasting machines. Mobile cone crushers are one of the crushers that perform crushing and screening in crushing plants and designed portable. The specifications of the mobile cone crushers determined on the needs of companies operating in the mining or construction industry are as follows:

  • Low moving, installation and disassembly costs due to mobile structure
  • Easily crushing both hard mines and softer mines.
  • Easy to use thanks to the advanced automation system
  • Easy to maintain and clean

Usage Areas of Cone Crusher

Cone crushers are versatile machines that are able to operate at several different process in crushing plants. These are primary crushing process, secondary crushing process and tertiary crushing process.

Primary Crushing Process

In this process, also called rough crushing, the size of large stones and mines is reduced by one-fifth on average. Cone crushers, which are used for crushing high abrasive and hard ores, are used as primary crusher in many facilities at low operating costs.

Secondary Crushing Process

Crushers are selected depending on the size of the material fed by the crusher. If the crusher is used as secondary crusher, the material obtained is around 0.60 to 40 mm.

Tertiary Crushing Process

The size of the material obtained in this crushing processes is 0.5 mm,very small like the size of sand. At this process, the product obtained in the secondary crushing process is not sent to the secondary crushing process again, but is passed through a tertiary crushing and screening process.


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