Ready Mixed Concrete Mixing Plant

Ready mixed concrete mixing plant is a plant where concrete is produced by mixing materials such as sand, gravel, stone, cement and water in desired proportions.

The ready mixed concrete mixing plant is mostly used in the construction sector to meet the production of the concrete needed in the construction sector

What is Ready Mixed Concrete Mixing Plant?

Ready-mixed concrete plant is a facility where materials such as sand, cement, aggregate and water are put together, mixed with each other and thus produce concrete. Concrete batching plants consisting of equipment such as concrete mixer, automation system, aggregate bucket, cement silo, feeding band, aggregate bunker and aggregate weighing band are divided into two groups based on their structure. These are mobile concrete mixing plant and stationary concrete mixing plant.

Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant

The most important specification of a mobile concrete mixing plant is that all equipment for mixing production of concrete are installed on a portable body. Concrete batching plants with portable body can be transported by loading on a truck due to their easy transportation. Mobile concrete batching plants, which have low transportation costs, also reduce the cost of companies with the ease of assembly and disassembly and provide profitability in the long term.

Other prominent advantages of mobile concrete mixing plant are as follows:

  • Working without any external power source
  • Ready for production easily without the need for a crane during installation
  • Easy to use in narrow work areas as it does not take up much space on the construction site
  • Easy to disassemble

Stationary Concrete Mixing Plant

Stationary concrete mixing plant has high production capacity and is built on a fixed body. This kind of facilities are very efficient for projects operating in the same field for a long time and can produce concrete between 30 and 200 m3 per hour on average. There are different mixer options suitable to the sector and needs of the companies.

Other prominent advantages of stationary concrete mixing plants are as follows:

  • More concrete production at high capacity
  • Easy to use with computerized automation system
  • Opportunity to obtain various types of concrete due to the extra mixer option


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