Iron Ore Crusher Machine

Iron ore crusher machine is a powerful machine that divides the iron ore, which exists unprocessed in nature, into small pieces to process after extraction.

Iron ore crusher machine is utilised as a primary crusher, secondary crusher or tertiary crusher in crushing plants and has an important role in crushing the hardest stones and mines such as iron and basalt.

What is Iron Ore Crusher Machine?

Iron ore does not exist pure in nature. Its most common compounds are hematite (limestone), limonite, magnetic iron oxide, siderite and pyrite. Pure iron is obtained by reduction of iron oxide in a hydrogen stream or by electrolysis of iron sulfate solution. Pure iron can be processed and purified easily, but iron must go through certain stages. The starting point of these processes is the extraction of the components from the mines.

One of the significant component of a crusher plant is the crusher which is a machine that crush the iron into the smaller pieces and make the first crushing process. This machine has different crushing operations, so can be used in different types and tasks depending on the crushing stage and structure.

Types of Iron Ore Crusher Machine

Crushers perform the crushing process of the iron ore existed in nature. They are divided into 3 categories based on their working principles and the structure of the crushers. They are jaw crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher. Although they have many different features, they are basically divided into 3 main types.

Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is a type of crusher that uses compression force to crush materials. The compression force is obtained by two componens have a shape similar to jaw, one is fixed and the other is moving. Jaw crushers are used in the mining industry, aggregate manufacturing and many other projects.

Impact Crusher

Impact crushers do not use pressure to crush the material. Instead, they crush the mine with direct impact. This method has been developed because the desired cubicity ratio cannot be reached with the pressure. In this way, the crushing force is transmitted to the entire surface at the same rate

Cone Crusher

Cone crushers are generally used for crushing abrasive and hard rocks. The mantle, which moves periodically during the crushing process, opens and closes subject of the concave. The material gets stuck in closing. During opening, it moves down from the crushing chamber.


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