Rock Crushing Equipment

Rock crushing equipment are the machines used to crush large pieces of rock extracted from mines or river beds into smaller pieces.

Rock crushing equipment are the most required stone crushing and screening systems in obtaining aggregates, which are the basic materials needed by the construction sectors.

What is Rock Crushing Equipment?

The facilities that crush the large rocks and reduce them to small sizes are called crushing plants. They are used in various sectors. Crusher facilities are facilities consisting of advanced machinery and equipment where companies in different sectors produce materials obtained from ore-based mines. These facilities are installed in the area where the mine to be produced is extracted and some parts of it are interchangeable for different processes.

There are three types of crushing and screening plants with different structures and performances compatible with the properties of the project to be implemented.These are the followings:

  • Primary Crusher
  • Secondary crusher
  • Tertiary crusher

Crusher facilities are designed in 2 different ways according to their structures. These are mobile crushing plants and stationary crushing plants.

Mobile Crushing Plant

It is a facility built on a mobile body and used for crushing and processing hard ores and rocks. The most important feature that distinguishes it from other crushing plants is their mobility. Due to the mobile structure, transportation and installation costs are minimal. Mobile stone crushing plant can be transported with a single truck and provides cost advantage and convenience to companies in short-term or mobile projects.

Stationary Crushing Plant

Although it has same operation with the mobile crushing plant, the difference is that stationary crushing plant is built on a fixed body. The advantage of being stationary leads companies to have higher level of performance and production volume. The stationary stone crushing and screening plant with the higher capacity is the most preferred facility by companies that have been manufacturing in the same project area for a long time. In the long run, it provides important advantages to companies in terms of both cost and production performance.

FABO Crushing Plants

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