What is a Compact Concrete Batching Plant?

What is a Compact Concrete Batching Plant? The simplest answer to the question is that it is a multifunctional type of concrete batching plant combining the distinctive features of mobile concrete batching plant and stationary concrete batching plant.

So, what is a compact concrete batching plant? what are the specifications of a compact concrete batching plant? Compact concrete batching plant is a concrete facility that can be installed easily and offers high capacity production.

What is a Compact Concrete Batching Plant? What Does It Do?

Compact concrete batching  plant produce concrete by combining and mixing materials such as sand, gravel, crushed stone, cement and water in certain proportions. Compact concrete batching plants basically consist of aggregate bunker, aggregate weighing band, mixer feeding band, aggregate bucket, cement silos, cement spiral, concrete mixer and automation system.

Compact concrete batching plant combines the high efficiency of stationary concrete batching plants with the easy transportation and transportation features of mobile concrete batching plants. Compact concrete batching plants are easily transported to the location of the project site and ready for production in a short time as well as the high-quality concrete production.

Today, compact concrete batching plants are one of the most preferred products especially in large construction and building projects since they are useful facilities that can be easily installed near the construction site. It provides significant advantages to companies with high business volume in terms of cost.

Advantages of Compact Concrete Batching Plants

Compact concrete batching plants offer companies the following important advantages in terms of both cost and efficiency:

  • It decreases the logistics cost of the concrete manufactured.
  • It prevents possible delays while transportating concrete, so saves time.
  • The quality control should be made by first-hands to achieve the desired concrete quality.
  • It helps companies to greatly reduce their operating and transportation costs and to increase their profitability.

FABO Compact Concrete Batching Plants

Mix Compact Concrete Batching Plants, manufactured by FABO Machinery, consist of 4-cell square aggregate bunker and shapes of row bunker, bucket agrgregate transfer and conveyor belt systems. Cement silo at any desired capacity can be integrated into the existing system. The capacities of our compact batching plants varies from 30 m3 to 200 m3 per hour. It can be specially designed based on the demands of our customers. FABO compact series of concrete batching plants provide easy installation and can be shipped all over the world with easy transportation.


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