Batching Of Concrete

Batching Of Concrete is mixing of materials such as sand, stone, cement and water in the desired proportions in order to produce and use concrete in construction.

The production and batching of concrete required by the construction industry are made in high tech plants named ready-mixed concrete batching plants.

What is Batching Of Concrete?

It is a construction process that mix aggregates like concrete, gravel and sand with cement and water. The reason why concrete is grey or greyish is that portland cement is mostly preffered as binder nowadays. Blending or mixing ready-mixed concrete is carried out in the manufacturing plants called concrete batching plant.

The most significant points in the combining and processing the necessary materials to obtain concrete are the quality of aggregates and cement used as well as blending them in the right proportion. High-tech concrete batching plants can calculate these rates in great detail through computer-aided automation systems, thus manufacture concrete at better quality.

Ready-mixed concrete batching plants consists of cement mixer,automation system, aggregate bucket, cement silo, aggregate weighing system, aggregate bunker and belt conveyor. It has three types that are mobile concrete mixing plant, stationary concrete batching plant and compact concrete batching plant.

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Stationary concrete batching plant is a high-tech and stationary factory that takes bigger space than compact concrete batching plant and mobile concrete batching plant. Stationary concrete batching plant consists of cement silo, mixer, aggreagate bunker and belt conveyor.

Stationary concrete batching plant is manufactured to meet the needs of high-performance production. In order for you to produce high quality concrete, it is designed to work in full capacity, efficiently and in accordance with work safety rules.

Compact Concrete Batching Plant

It is a type of batching plant that combines high efficiency of stationary concrete plant with easy transportation of mobile concrete plant. It is designed in compact form in order to be installed more easily at the project site where it will start production. Compact concrete batching plant offers significant advantage especially to construction projects.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

The mobile concrete plant has practical machines that are easy to use and ready for production within a few hours after installation. They can be purchased with twin shaft mixer or pan mixer options as required. It can be used for different projects with its portable structure containing all the parts that should be in a concrete batching plant.


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