Rubble Crusher

Rubble crusher is a type of crusher used to crush the large mass concrete wastes formed as a result of the demolition of constructions and large structures for various reasons. Crushed concrete pieces are reused in some areas.

The rubble crusher is one of the most powerful crushers that obtain the aggregate at very affordable costs required for road, some infrastructure and superstructure projects.

What is a Rubble Crusher?

Rubble is the general name given to building debris and construction waste formed by materials such as, sand, cement and stone chips mixed with lime. In order for large structures and constructions to stand firmly, large amounts of concrete are used in most stages of a building, from the foundation to the upper parts. When the building is demolished and rebuilt by recycling or when it is demolished because it cannot be used for other reasons, large unused concrete piles show up.

The process of collecting, transporting and accumulating these concrete piles requires high costs and also harms the environment. Areas where rubble has been shed become unusable and cause visual and environmental pollution. In order to eliminate these damages caused by rubble, cycling, which means reusing the construction wastes and rubble, is an excellent choise. For this reason, machines have been produced that crush and make reusable the rubble. They called stone crushing and screening plants.

Rubble Crushing Plant

Stone crushing and screening plant is the manufacture facility of aggregate that is required by construction industry. Hard metals such as granite, limestone, basalt extracted from mines and stream beds are made ready-to-use through crushing and screening processes. Rubble also can be reusable  after certain processes in the plant.

Recycling of rubble waste provides the following benefits:

  • It prevents the damage of rubble waste to nature
  • Recycling of rubble reduces the aggregate cost of companies
  • It saves energy and raw materials

FABO Crushing and Screening Plants

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