Granite Crusher Machine

Granite crusher machine is a powerful machine that crushes the granite mine, which is unprocessed in nature, into small pieces for use in certain areas.

Granite crusher machine is a facility called stone crushing and screening plant in order to use in the construction industry by crushing hard minerals such as granite.

What is Granite Crusher Machine?

Granite is a felsic igneous rock composed of hard and crystalline minerals. Although granite has been used as a monument and infrastructure material for a long time due to its hardness and durability, nowadays it has two main areas of use today which are as follows:

  • Block stone
  • Crushed stone

Crushed stone is manufactured to be used in structures where durability and long lifetime are significant. Granite, that is extracted from granite beds in nature and processed in crushing facilities, constitutes the basic material of many construction. The final product (crushed stone) is frequently used as a filling material in asphalt road works. Although granite is a mineral with high strength, it is also difficult to obtain.

Stone Crushing and Screening Plant

Stone crushing and screening plant, also known as crushing plants, is a facility where production of aggregate required in construction and other infrastructure / superstructure projects is made. The plant extracts hard metals such as granite extracted from mineral deposits and make them ready for use through the crushing and screening processes. Various crushers are utilized to crush granite into small pieces as it has a very hard structure.

Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is a type of crusher that uses compression force to crush hard materials such as granite. The compression force is created by two jaw-like structures, one fixed and the other moving. Jaw crushers are used to manufacture aggregates such as limestone and basalt as well as granite in the mining sector.

Impact Crusher

The impact crusher does not use pressure to crush the material to be shrunk. They crush the mine with direct impact. This method has been developed because the desired cubic ratio cannot be obtained when pressure is used.

Cone Crusher

Cone crusher is generally used for crushing abrasive and hard rocks. The mantle moves periodically during the crushing process and opens and closes in parallel with the concave. The material gets stuck during closing. In opening, it moves down from the crushing chamber. Thus, large pieces of stone are crumbled and become ready for reproduction.


Rubble Crusher