Coal Crusher Machine

Coal crusher machine is a machine crushing coal which is unprocessed after being extracted from mine.

Coal crusher machine is a type of crusher that is used for especially the coal, which is softer than the very hard stones such as granite and basalt.

What is Coal Crusher Machine?

Coal is a sedimentary rock composed of plant-based organic substances and inorganic components. The coal mine is formed as a result of the accumulation and precipitation of plants and tree residues on the ground as well as the chemical and physical effects in the process of millions of years. Coal mine has a softer structure compared to other types of mines due to its organic origin and the other components. This makes it easier to crush than stone-based mines.

Coal mine is crushed and made ready for use in crushing plants, also known as stone crushing and screening plants. And it is brought to small sizes by the crushers in these facilities. Generally, three types of crushers are used in crushing and screening plants. These are Primary crusher, Secondary crusher and Tertiary crusher. While three types of crushers are selected based on the properties of the desired product, stone crushing and screening plants are divided into two classes according to their structures.

Mobile Crushing Plant

It is a plant that are used for crushing and processing hard ores and rocks, but built on a mobile body. The most important feature that distinguishes this facility from other crushing plants is their mobile structure. Transportation, transportation and installation costs are low compared to other facilities due to their portable designs. Mobile stone crushing plant can be transported easily with a single truck and provides cost advantage and convenience to companies in short-term or mobile projects.

Stationary Crushing Plant

Although it has the same function with the mobile crushing plant, the difference is that stationary crushing plant is built on a fixed body. The advantage of this property leads plant to produce at higher performance and volume. The stationary stone crushing and screening plant, is designed to obtain materials with higher capacity ,so it is the most preferred facility by companies that have been manufacturing in the same project area for a long time. In the long run, it provides important advantages to companies in terms of both cost and production performance.


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