Used Concrete Plant

Used concrete plant is concrete batching plants purchased by companies for short-term projects and put up for sale at the end of the project.

Used concrete plant, also known as second hand concrete plant, can be supplied directly by FABO in line with the needs of the companies.

What is a Used Concrete Plant?

These are the concrete batching plants manufactured by FABO and offered for sale as second hand at the end of the project. Since FABO concrete batching plants are designed using the latest technology and high engineering production models, they can be used for many years without any problems. For this reason, the stone crushing and screening plants and concrete plants produced by FABO are so robust that they can be used in more than one project. While FABO provides technical service and spare parts service to all machines, it also provides all the services that customers need in second hand concrete plants.

The advantages and features of FABO second hand concrete batching plants are as follows;

  • All necessary maintenance of the batching plants is done by FABO engineers.
  • All spare parts of the machines are supplied by FABO.
  • Assembly and disassembly of concrete plants are carried out by FABO teams.
  • 24/7 service support when companies need it.

What is a Concrete Plant?

Concrete is the basic material in the construction of many structures such as road construction, dam construction and airport construction. Concrete batching plant is the facilities where concrete is produced. Concrete plants are complex facilities that can produce at high capacity. Concrete batching plants, where many machines work in an integrated manner, are produced in three different structures on the basis of design types. These are stationary concrete plants, mobile concrete plants and compact concrete plants.

FABO Second Hand Concrete Batching Plants

FABO has become one of the leading companies in the sector by continuously developing in this field and increasing its product variety and quality with its confidence  and long years of experience in the sector. Also, It has become a trusted brand for its options of  second hand concrete batching plant at more affordable costs.

We stand by our business partners with our project-specific production, 24/7 service support and options suitable for each project in order to obtain the best efficiency in line with the needs of the companies.


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