What is a Primary Crusher?

What is a primary crusher? is one of the basic questions to be known about crushing and screening plants. Because primer crushers are widely used in crushing plants.

What is a primary crusher ? It is a type of crusher that crushes medium hard stones such as limestone which is not highly abrasive.

What is a Primary Crusher? Where Is It Used?

Crusher plant is also known as stone crushing and screening plant. The main function of the crusher plant is to bring large sized stones and pebbles extracted from quarries or stream beds to desired sizes. The small-sized material obtained in stone crushing and screening plants is generally used in the construction and building sector to produce concrete. In these complex facilities where many machines work in harmony, there are various machines and equipment with different functions.

Crusher is one of the important equipment of the crusher plants. It reduces the size of the large stones in the desired ratios. Crushers are diversified relying to their process as premier crusher, secondary crusher and tertiary crusher. Primary crusher takse part in the first stage of crushing. Specifications of premier crushers used for crushing medium-hard and non-abrasive stones are:

  • It performs best for non-hard stones
  • O brings the material to the desired cubic ratio
  • The desired product is obtained with the advanced automation system.
  • -It works with low operating cost

What is a Secondary Crusher?

Secondary crusher is a type of crusher used to crush medium or high hardness stones and make them suitable for concrete production. Secondary impact crusher, one of the most preferred crushers, is good for crushing hard stones as well as stones with high hardness and abrasiveness extraxted from river bed and basalt. It is also possible to crush softer materials such as limestone at high performance. Secondary impact crushers, which make the material in the desired thickness, are among the multi-functional and economical crushers.

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