Sand Screening and Washing Plant

Sand screening and washing plant is a facility processing the sand which is the basic material of construction sector.

The sand screening and washing plant washes the crushed slag with water and removes the excess on it. This is the stage after extracting gravel from stream beds or mines and crushing it in a crushing facility.

What is Sand Screening and Washing Plant?

It is necessary to crush the large stones or to refine the pebbles taken from the stream beds for being used as concrete in the constructions. the raw material of concrete is sand. The crushing, screening and washing facility, also known as the crushing plant, is a facility producing sand by crushing large stones. The strength of the sand used in construction is determined by the nature of the stones extracted and the features of the screening washing plant.

The following processes are required to obtain a fine quality sand

  • Processing of hard stones
  • Bringing stones to ideal sizes
  • Detailed screening and washing of aggregate

One of the main factors determining the strength of the constructions is the quality of the concrete used there. In order to obtain high quality of concrete, the concrete must be manufactured from a high quality sand. Increasing the quality of the sand and the separation of foreign and harmful substances in it are also carried out in stone crushing and screening facilities.

Types of Sand Washing and Screening Plants

Crushing plants are divided into two basic groups based on their structures: mobile crushing plant and stationary crushing plant. Types of crusher plant, each of which provides significant advantages, should be determined by the characteristics of the project to be built.

Mobile crushing plant is a crushing plant built on a portable body. With its mobility, this plant can be easily transported from one site to another at the end of the project. In this process, it benefits companies significantly in terms of transportation, assembly and disassembly costs.

Stationary crushing plant is a fixed crushing plant that runs permanently in the project area after installation.  This faciliy is a powerful machine that operates at high capacity and offers more production possibilities. The stationary crushing plant is more preferred for long-term projects and provides significant time and cost advantages to companies with high production.


What is a Primary Crusher?