Stone Crushing Plant Layout

Many factors should be taken into account when determining the stone crushing plant layout. Because, projects and desired products may require specifically different equipment to obtain aggregate in a facility.

In order to attain the raw material required by construction industry, a stone crushing facility layout must be made in a place close to the required mine or stream bed.

How to Make Stone Crushing Plant Layout?

Stone crushing and screening systems are necessary to converte large-sized stones extracted from mines or stream beds into aggregate for use in certain areas.. These facilities, also called crusher plants, carry out various processes of sand production through an integrated operation with many machines at different functions. The aggregate produced in crushing plants is mostly used in the following areas:

  • Road construction
  • Construction industry
  • Dam construction
  • Railway construction
  • Bridge and tunnel construction

And aggregate is the most basic production material used in many more construction.

While establishing the crushing plant layout, many factors have to be considered. First of all, the properties of the product to be obtained should be determined such as the type of stone to be crushed, the size of the product to be attained, where it will be used. In addition, production volume is significant to indicate. After comprehending all details related to project, the right type and model of the crushing plant for you can be determined. Then, the necessary equipment at required capacity are identified. According to the type of crushing plant selected, a draft is created through technical drawings about where the machines will be placed in the project area. The facility is made ready for production and delivered to the company after the processes of manufacture, transportation and assembly made based on the draft..

What are the Types of Stone Crushing and Screening Plants?

Stone crushing and screening plants are manufactured in two different types depending on their functional designs. These are stationary crushing plant and mobile crushing plant.

Stationary crushing plant is a facility that is installed in the project area and operates at high capacity. It provide an advantage to companies with their high performance in long term projects.

Mobile crushing plant is a facility built on a mobile body which enables easy transportation. It also offer companies significant advantages in terms of transportation and time in short-term projects with the possibility of relocation.


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