Sand Washing Equipment

Sand washing equipment is one of the equipment in the sand screening and washing facility designed to obtain sand, which is the basic material used in all construction projects.

The most important component of the building sector is concrete. And in order to obtain concrete, sand and cement are required as its main material. Sand washing equipment is the facilities that produce sand required for cement production.

What is Sand Washing Equipment?

In order to realize all projects in the construction sector, some building materials are required. The most commonly used ones are sand, cement and iron. For sand production required for construction projects, large stones should be crushed or gravel extracted from the stream bed should be crushed and screened. Plants performing this crushing and screening process are called crushing plants.

Crusher plant is a large facility with a complex structure formed by the combination of many machines. In these plants, the main raw material is large stone pieces that are primarily subjected to crushing process for reduction in size. These large stone pieces are sent to the crushers by the transport system, then they are separated into smaller pieces by means of premier or secondary crushers. Afterwards, screening and washing processes are carried out in order to obtain a quality sand and increase the strength of the sand.

Sand Washing and Screening Plant Equipments

Sand is obtained by crushing large-sized stones that are extracted from stream beds and goes through a washing and screening process in a crushing plant. Even though large size of stones are reduced, foreign matters and powdered stone fragments may exist between the stones. In the washing process these unwanted particules are eliminated with the help of water and the quality of the sand is determined. In the screening process, sieves are utilized.

The equipment used in crushing, screening and washing processes in a standard crushing plant is as follows:

  • Feeder Bunker
  • Primary Crusher (Jaw Crusher)
  • Conveyor belts
  • vibrating screen
  • Dewatering Sieve
  • Screw Washers
  • Control Cabinet and Automatic Electricity

There are two types of crushing plant converting the size of large stones into a suitable size to construction. These are mobile and stationary crushing plants. Contact FABO for detailed information about mobile crushing plants and crushing crushing plants that offer specific advantages depending on the project structure.


Stone Crushing Plant Layout