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Mobile screen system is one of the basic equipment of mobile stone crushing and screening plants known as mobile crushers. These machines have an important role in extracting natural stones from mines and turning them into aggregate.

Mobile screen undertakes the task of classifying the materials by their size after crushing process of large-sized stones brought from stream beds or mines. A screen separates crushed stones in different sizes so that multiple materials of different sizes are obtained at the same time.

What is Mobile Screen?

Screening system is a significant equipment that perform screening in a crusher plant. The main duty of a screen is to keep the stones apart based on their size after they come out of the primary crusher, secondary crusher or tertiary crusher. As the size of sand used in road construction or any kind of project is different, size of aggregate is an indicatoe factor for where the aggregate will be used.

Screens can be designed in many different models and types. Screens are basically divided into two which are stationary screen and mobile screen. Mobile screen is a system built on a portable body that significantly reduce the transportation, assembly and disassembly costs of the companies. So, it is one of the most preferred screen type today.

What is Mobile Screen?
Where to Use Mobile Screens?

Where to Use Mobile Screens?

Mobile screening system has a wide usage area since their ease of transportation and their ability to process at high performance. The followings are the fields it is commonly used:

– Short term projects. Mobile screen offers high efficiency and low-cost in mobile crushing plants for short-term projects.

In different project sites. They provide significant savings to companies working in different fields as the transportation and assembly of mobile screen are easy and less expensive.

– Projects made in narrow space.  Mobile screen is designed on a single body. So, it takes up very little space in the working area and allows you to have more working space.

– Different grounds and terrains. Crushing facilities can be set up in different lands such as stream bed, mine or dam construction. Mobile screening system is able to perform successfully in all geographies and terrains.

How Does a Mobile Screen Work?

Mobile Screen is a powerful machine that sifts and sorts stones in crushing and screening plants. Mobile screen is gerenerally operates by vibrating today. Large-sized stones derived from mines or stream beds are subjected to crushing process. Crushers have different functions by the type of metal being processed or the material to be obtained and crush the stones into smaller pieces.

The crushed stones are sent to screen through feeders. The stones on screen deck are transferred to a substrate through the holes on the deck by systematically moving in different directions. Big stones that cannot pass through the holes are thrown out of the system. Some screens have multiple screen frame. If so, the material is subjected to screen process on the next frames once and once again. This is the way of obtaining different sizes of material.

What is a Vibrating Screen?

What is a Vibrating Screen?

A screen separates stones on it by passing stones through the holes. Similarly, vibrating screens used in crushing plants classify stones on the screen by separating in different sizes according to the desired product.

Vibrating screens are generally designed with springs. It ensures that the material transferred to its surface from the feeding bunker is evenly distributed on the screen. While the small stones on the screen frame are passed under with the vibration movements, small stones are separated from the large stones.

FABO Mobile Screen Systems

FABO Global is one of the leading international companies in the market of stone crushing and screening plants and concrete batching plants due to its long years of experience in the sector, significant R&D investments and valuable engineering staff.

Since its establishment, FABO has been providing several kinds of services such as customer service and spare parts to customers as well as the production of crushing plant and equipment. FABO is the most preferred and known company in mobile screen systems.

Mobile screens produced entirely by FABO are able to perform best in harsh climatic conditions, different geographies and different project sites.

FABO mobile screen is developed with the latest production technologies using today’s scientific possibilities. It works in the most compatible way with crusher plants and they operate at high capacity.

FABO Mobile Screen Advantages

Mobile screen benefits significantly to companies producing aggregate. The main advantages of FABO mobile screens, reducing costs more compared to other screens, are as follows:

– It reduces the shipping costs of companies

– Assembly and disassembly operations are less costly and easier

– It can be used easily in different project sites

– There are models that can process at high capacity

– It easily separates the maximum amount of material

– It has a flexible design that can easily adapt to different project areas

– Opportunity to work 24/7 due to its automation

The followings are types of FABO mobile screening plants:

FTS-1550- 2 Crawler Screening Plant

FTS-1550-2 crawler mobile screening plant is one of FABO’s highly engineered products and has a production capacity between 150 tons and 250 tons per hour. With its hydraulic motor and crawler, the screening plant is able to cover distance 1 km per hour.

FTS-1550-2 crawler mobile screening plant consists of the following equipment:

  • Vibrating Feeder
  • Vibrating Screen
  • Feeding and Stock Conveyors
  • Control unit
Crawler Screening Plant
Crawler Screening Plant

FTS-1550- 3 Crawler Screening Plant

It is one of the most preferred models among FABO mobile screen systems. FTS-1550- 3 crawler mobile screening plant is able to work easily and cover distance in difficult terrain conditions . The crawler screening plant can work in almost every project site and is built on a hydraulic chassis. It can cover 1 km per hour. The FTS-1550-3 pallet mobile screening plant can produce between 250 tons and 350 tons per hour and consists of the following equipment;

  • Vibrating Feeder
  • Vibrating Screen
  • Feeding and Stock Conveyors
  • Control unit

FABO Crawler Mobile Screening Plant

Crawler Mobile Screen Plant is developed completely by FABO engineers to achieve high efficiency and  make versatile production. It can be used for verious purposes. The features of the heavy-duty screen are as follows:

– It can be used with double decker

– Screening can be done both before and after crushing process

– It can be used alone.

– It can easily separate even the hardest materials

– Reduction of cost and production at high capacity

Crawler Screening Plant

Things to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Screen

Mobile screens have many different models and specifications. Although all have same working principles, the harmony in working with the crusher plant can vary on their specifications such as product processing capacity, chassis structure and wheel/crawler. In addition, the properties of mobile screening systems are expandable according to the certain materials to be processed. Therefore, there are some points to be considered when purchasing a mobile screening plant. Important points to be considered while purchasing a screening system are given as follows:

  • The required amount of output material
  • The capacity and specifications of the crushing plant
  • Project period
  • Structure and features of the project
  • Type and properties of the material to be processed
  • Size of the project
  • The wet and dry condition of the material to be screened

FABO Global does not only provide crushers or concrete batching plants to its business partners, it also provides these services: the determination of the most suitable systems for customers’ projects, providing necessary consultancy, after-sales service and assembly support. FABO offers turn-key crusher plant or concrete plant as well as necessary assistance to companies in every field they need.

Mobile Screen Prices

Mobile Screen Prices

Mobile screens are produced in different models so that they can work in different projects. Each model has its own characteristics and advantages. All these issues should be taken into consideration when determining screen.

Mobile screen prices are also determined according to the features of the screening system. You can contact FABO Global for detailed information about mobile screen prices.


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