Crushing Plant Price

Crushing plant price is the price determined for facilities that manufactures aggregate of ready-mixed concrete required by construction industry. This facility is called as crushing plant.

Crushing plant price has a wide range. Because, the prices of the stone crushing and screening plants may vary in the production capacity of the plant, its crushing and screening performance, whether it is mobile or stationary, and the brand of plant manufacturer.

What is the Crushing Plant Price?

Today, concrete is a requirement of all constructions for living, transportation or urbanization. In order to obtain concrete – which is the most basic material of buildings and constructions-, high amounts of aggregate (small pieces of cubic stone) are used. The aggregate can be acquired by crushing large rocks in stone crushing and screening facilities called crushing plant.

Concrete sand is in demand for different tasks and produced by a crusher made up of large machines whose name is crushing plant. The prices of crushing plants varies on different determimations. The most important factors are given as follows:

  • Capacity of crushing plant
  • Specifications of the crushing plant
  • Type and amount of output
  • Which company manufactures crushing plant
  • Structure of crushing plant (Mobile or Stationary)
  • Equipment consisting of the crushing plant

You can contact us for the mobile crushing plant or stationary crushing plant that best suits your needs.

What Is The Crushing Plant Used For?

Stone crushing and screening plants basically perform two tasks which are crushing – the most important process- and screening. Crushing is the process of making size of large stones smaller and making cubic ratio proper to be used in concrete production. This process is operated inside powerful machines referred as crushers. Followings are the three types of crushers used to break stones:

  • Primary crusher
  • Secondary crusher
  • Tertiary crusher

On the other hand, screening is a classification process by sieving large stones in different sizes after breaking process. While the aggregate size required for each project or job is different, the aggregate required for some projects may be required to be larger, thinner or smaller. Thus, after the breaking process, the stones should be separated into different sizes through the screener. In brief, you can obtain different outputs by purchasing a single facility.

Who Should Buy Crushing and Screening Plant?

We mentioned above the basic functions of stone crushing and screening plants. Well, in this section, We will inform you about “Who should purchase crushing plants?” and  “For whom is  a crushing plant the right choice?”. Stone crushing and screening plants are purchased for two different purposes. The first one is demanded by companies requiring medium and high rates of concrete. These companies aim to produce their own concrete and aggregate instead of obtaining ready-mixed concrete from concrete suppliers. This method brings high profitability to the company in the long run and is commonly used by construction companies.

Another usage area of ​​stone crushing and screening plants is producing sand in order to sell to requirers. Aggregate production is a good and profitable investment. It is a line of busines using a crushing plant The biggest advantage of this sector is that the need for aggregate is constantly increasing due to the continuous development of the construction industry in the world. In addition, once the crushing plant is purchased, it can be used for many years without any problems.

Types of Crushing Plant

Although the main task of stone crushing plants is to turn large stones into aggregate, many different crusher facilities have been developed over time. Today, both the crushing plants and all the auxiliary equipment have now reached a level that can perform most operations automatically with their own automation systems.

With the effect of the developing technology, there have been differences in the structures of the crushing plants, such as facilities with smaller size, mobility or more capacity. The most obvious difference between these facilities, which are divided into two groups as mobile crushing plant and stationary crushing plant, is that a mobile crusher has a portable body while fixed crushing plants are built on a fixed body that cannot be moved.

Mobile Crushing Plant

The mobile crushing plant is used in the production of sand required for concrete, which is the building block of the construction industry. It breaks the stones into aggregates. Mobile crusher is a portable facility consisting of large and powerful work machines, which is mostly preferred in short-term projects.

Since mobile crushers are easy to install and transport, the working area is quite wide. Mobile crushing plant is often preferred for producing the necessary aggregate in city infrastructure works, in highway construction, in laying natural gas and oil pipelines, in infrastructure and superstructure works of railway tracks, and in subway lines.

FABO Crushing Plants

FABO Global is one of the leading brands in the crushing plant and ready-mixed concrete plant sector, which are required for aggregate and concrete production. FABO products are used confidently by companies in different locations in different continents of the world today. Crushing plants designed entirely by FABO engineers are also offered for sale with the assurance of FABO Global.

FABO Global crushing plants are designed to crush the hardest mines in the toughest locations and operate smoothly for many years. FABO is a worldwide known brand that offers rational and practical solutions to every problem faced by customers, as well as adding value to the customers’ companies with the advanced automation system and various solutions.

FABO Crushing Plants
FABO Crushing and Screening Plant Prices

FABO Crushing and Screening Plant Prices

Crushing and screening plant prices may vary in the equipment and features of the machine required. Because the capacities of the crushing plants are designed at different rates for different needs In accordance with the company’s project, the addition, removal or capacity increase of equipment in a specified facility can be carried out by our company.

Therefore, it would not be proper to give accurate information for the crushing plant price. You can contact us for more detailed information about the crushing plant price and other products.


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