Concrete Plant Spare Parts

Concrete plant spare parts’ supply is very important for concrete manufacturers. Concrete batching plants are designed to be used many years in order to produce ready-mixed concrete. During this time, some malfunctions may occur.

Concrete plant spare parts are very important at this stage.  Because; The spare parts that required by the machines are only fully compatible with the system if they are original. Therefore, it is very important for the machine manufacturer to offer spare parts and service opportunities for the following periods. FABO Global supplies original spare parts to the companies those works with. In the after sales period, it also provides support to companies in matters such as service and maintenance.

Concrete Plant Spare Parts

Concrete batching plants are large facilities used to produce ready mixed concrete, suitable for immediate use. Ready mixed concrete produced in concrete plants is used in many fields. The usage area of ​​ready mixed concrete, which is used in almost all buildings and constructions, is quite wide. Concrete, which is used in many different structures from airport construction to housing construction, can be produced at any desired rate thanks to concrete batching plants. Concrete batching plants, the capacities of which vary according to the amount of concrete needed daily, have models designed in different structures.

Concrete batching plants consist of many machines that work in integration with each other. They are designed with using resistant and durable metals. By this way, they can work for many years without any problems. However, at the end, some parts of each machine may need to be changed at certain intervals. Some spare parts may be needed in the event of a breakdown or during maintenance. It is very important that the original spare part of the machine is available.  Therefore, the after-sales services of the company should also be examined during the supply of the concrete plant.  In the event of a possible maintenance or malfunction, care should be taken not to purchase machines from companies that do not provide original spare parts service.

Concrete Plant Spare Parts
Why is Original Spare Parts Important?

Why is Original Spare Parts Important?

Concrete batching plants are produced by different brands. Each brand has its own technological infrastructure. In addition, the equipment that makes up the concrete plant has a holistic design and infrastructure. In case of any malfunction, it is important for the health of the machine that the spare part or equipment to be used in the machine is original spare part. The spare part included in the system allows the plant to work in harmony with all other systems.  We can list the advantages of using original spare parts as follows;

  • It provides trouble free usage of the concrete batching plant.
  • Extends the service life of the concrete batching plant.
  • There is no decrease in the performance of the machines.
  • Protects the company from other malfunctions and possible problems.
  • Original spare parts are guaranteed, in case of any problem, they are changed again.
  • It reduces the energy consumption of the facility and the associated costs.

FABO Global Concrete Batching Plants

FABO Global is a brand known all over the world for the production of concrete batching plants and concrete batching equipment.  FABO Global manufactures high technology concrete batching plants and crusher plants available in the market. Along with producing and supplying concrete batching plants, it also provides spare parts service to the companies it works with to be used in concrete batching plants. In addition, have a technical service team for the necessary maintenance and repairs for companies.

The concrete batching plants you supply from FABO Global are under the FABO guarantee. Problems occurring during the warranty period of the facility are resolved by our technical service as soon as possible. As FABO Global, we are able to produce solutions for all spare parts and service needs of companies, even if the warranty period of the facility has expired. We deliver the part you need as soon as possible and provide all the necessary support to solve the problem. You can contact us for the spare parts you need for your concrete batching plants.

FABO Global Concrete Batching Plants
FABO Global Spare Parts Advantages

FABO Global Spare Parts Advantages

FABO Global produces concrete plants and they are used in different continents of the world today. All machinery and equipment are designed by FABO Global engineers. FABO Global concrete batching plants are so robust that the user company will not have any problems for a long time. There are many reasons for you to prefer FABO concrete batching plants, all parts of which are guaranteed by the company. Some of them are the possibility of original spare parts and the service. The advantages of spare parts offered by FABO Global are as follows;

  • All spare parts are original and guaranteed.
  • Fabo technical service performs all spare parts and repair works of companies as soon as possible.
  • Offers a rich selection of origiinal spare parts.
  • Reduces the maintenance cost of companies.
  • Prevents concrete plants from experiencing poor performance.

Concrete Plant Spare Parts Prices

Concrete batching plants are complex structures consisting of many different parts and equipment. Over time, some parts may wear or malfunction and that part may need to be replaced. At this point, FABO Global offers all the services that companies need. To these services; technical service and spare parts service are also included. You can contact FABO Global for detailed information about the prices of original spare parts needed for concrete batching plants.


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