Mobile Crusher

Mobile crusher is the equipment that divides large stones into smaller cubic pieces in stone crushing and screening plant. As an equipment of mobile crusher plant, this crusher also has a portable design.

The mobile crusher is easy to transport, so it can be moved from one project site to another project site quite easily. There are different types of this crusher that can be mounted quickly.

What is a Mobile Crusher?

Today, ready mixed concrete is used in many sectors. Since concrete is the basic material of many buildings, it is widely used in the construction industry. Some components such as aggregate are needed in the production of ready-mixed concrete. So what is aggregate? Aggregate is small stone pieces that have suitable dimensions for concrete construction, which are reached by processing large-sized stones

Today, aggregate production can only be done through a crushing plant. Crushing plant is a large production facility producing aggregate — which is the basic material of ready-mixed concrete production. Many machines and equipment work synchronously together in the crushing plants.

­­­­­After large stones are conveyed to a crusher plant, the crusher crushes the stones in small cubic sizes with different methods. It brings the stones to the desired size. A crusher must be robust and durable in order to process extremely hard and highly abrasive ores.

What is a Mobile Crusher?

Where is Mobile Crusher Used?

Just like crushing plants, crushers are designed in two different structures: stationary crusher and mobile crusher. While a stationary crusher is commonly used in a stationary crusher plant, a mobile crusher is utilized in a mobile crushing plant.

There are two areas these crushers are used most frequently.

  • In mobile project sites: Crushers are commonly installed in the area where the raw material is located. That’s why they work in mineral deposits, stream beds or other difficult areas. In cases where the mineral resources are exhausted, the project site can be shifted to another area. For such projects, mobile crushing plants reduce the transportation and assembly costs of the companies. This provides significant advantages to the company.
  • In short term projects: Crushers manufacture aggregate as well as concrete. Thus, they are also installed in the area where concrete production is made. Since the companies consider crusher as a long-term investment tool, they can assign it to another project at the end of the project. At this stage, dismantling, transporting and assembling of the crusher can be laborious and costly. On the contrary, the mobile crusher provides easy transportation and installation in the new project site.
Advantages of Portable Crushers

Advantages of Portable Crushers

Crusher is one of the most important equipment of crusher plants. The main function of the crushing plant is crushing done by the crushers. In this respect, there are some advantages that both stationary and mobile crushers have. The advantages offered by the mobile crushing plant are as follows:

  • Saving companies from costs such as assembly and disassembly
  • Reducing transportation and transportation costs of companies thanks to easy transportation
  • Ability to process at high performance
  • Trouble-free operation for many years
  • Profitable to companies for short-term projects
  • Ability to do all the operations that fixed breakers do

Types of Mobile Crushers

Crushing plants and crushers are produced to reduce the size of various materials at different rates. Different crusher models have been developed according to the type of stone or ore. The working principle of the crushers is determined by the hardness and abrasiveness of the stone and the desired output. Each of the crushers uses a different method to reduce the size of the stones to the desired cubic ratio. The most preferred types of mobile crusher today are:

– Mobile Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

– Mobile Jaw Crusher

– Mobile Impact Crusher

– Mobile Tertiary Crusher

– Mobile Cone Crusher

Types of Mobile Crushers
Mobile Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Mobile Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Mobile vertical shaft impact crusher is preferred in stream beds and mines. It is produced for the purpose of processing hard metals and stones by breaking them. It can also crush moist, sticky and watery materials. This feature sets it apart from other crushers. A mobile vertical shaft impact crusher crushes through the rotor rotating at high speed. As the stones in the crushing chamber collide with each other, the sizes of the stones are reduced. The large stones in the chamber are thrown and become smaller.

This type of crusher has low maintenance costs, as the stones are not crushed directly by the crusher. It reduces wear costs and has optional usage features. Vertical shaft impact crushers can reduce in the desired form and dimensions and achieve the ideal cubic form. In addition, capacity increase and material flow can be provided depending on the characteristics of the machine.

Mobile Jaw Crusher

The jaw crusher is very powerful for aggregate production in quarries and recycling. Many types of rocks can be used, from rocks with high hardness and abrasiveness such as basalt and granite to less hard rocks.

Jaw crushers break the incoming material with the compression force. Jaw crushers have two parts called jaws. One of them is mobile and the other is fixed. The incoming material is crushed by being compressed between these two jaws. The jaws can be adjusted easily so that outputs with different specifications and sizes can be obtained.

At the end of the project, a mobile jaw crusher can be transported easily as it can be moved from one site to another at less cost. It will be ready in a short time to start operation again.

Mobile Jaw Crusher
Mobile Impact Crusher

Mobile Impact Crusher

The impact crusher is used to crush materials with medium hardness and little abrasiveness. It integrates well with facilities and has high performance. The jaw crusher allows you to control the dimensions of the output product. In addition, it can produce aggregates of different sizes due to its adjustable structure and easy control mechanism.

Impact crushers break stones with impact, not pressure. The material is first taken up by the rotor, which rotates very quickly. Thus, the material is accelerated. Then, it is crushed by throwing to the fixed impact plate.  Since it is mobile, it can be easily transported and assembled on the project site.

Mobile Tertiary Crusher

Tertiary crusher performs tertiary crushing in crusher plants. It is also known as a sand machine and its output is very fine sand. Tertiary crusher refines the materials in stream beds, mines and limestones by crushing them.

Tertiary crusher is mostly used for minerals such as granite, basalt, limestone, quartz. This type of crusher exhibits high performance in the crusher plant. Its hydraulic adjustment system and mobility offers significant advantages to user companies. It has low costs of maintenance, assembly and transportation.

Mobile Tertiary Crusher
Mobile Cone Crusher

Mobile Cone Crusher

A mobile cone crusher is used to reduce the size of large materials such as granite, basalt, andesite. A cone crusher breaks hard and highly abrasive mines such as stream material in crusher plants to supply them to various sectors. The cone crusher can be used as premier, secondary and tertiary crushers. It crushes the incoming material by compression.

The working principle of cone crushers is to crush the materials inside with the effect of compression, cutting and bending. It offers low dust and wear rates as it compresses the material. Mobile cone crusher is a portable type of cone crusher that crushes and screens.

Prices of Mobile Crusher

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